Saturday, November 19, 2011

Massacre of Migratory Flamingos in Kuwait

Kuwait is in the migratory path of flamingos.  Unfortunately, they have been moved from their natural stomping grounds several times over the past few decades because of development.

This made me gag when I saw it on Ladies Who Do Lunch in Kuwait's blog, but I really need to pass it along. What the HELL is happening to this country????????????????

I KNOW that HH The Emir is a man who respects wildlife - I have been told so by his close relatives.  I hope he takes personal action against the people who committed this horrific act.

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Flamingo Massacre in Kuwait

A  recent rescue mission conducted by K'S PATH. On November 17th, they received a frantic phone call from Kuwait Oil Company employees horrified to find dead and dying flamingos in the Abdaliya Nature Preserve in West Kuwait. K'S PATH was able to respond quickly and rescue the two live birds and document the deaths of 11 more. After receiving prompt medical care from Royal Animal Hospital, they were placed in a temporary holding cage over night. By the next morning K's Path staff were hard at work to modify an existing bird flight for use by flamingos. They don't normally publish gruesome photos on their Facebook page, but in this case they feel it is important that our community see what poaching is doing to our wildlife. With knowledge will come the ability to make change.

Eleven flamingos who did not survive being shot by poachers who had forced their way into the Abdaliya Nature Preserve.


Anonymous said...

Oh he does? Then why is there not a government sponsored wildlife sanctuary in Kuwait, like Dubai? they own land that is landscaped that could be utilized for this purpose. I am sure that the UAE would assist the Kuwaitis with training and would probably donate some indigenous GCC species that they have successfully rendered from extinction. There is a beautiful sanctuary in Dubai where these birds are cared for and it is a wonderful place to visit. People in Kuwait like to talk, but fail to walk the talk. This is a disgrace and is just another example of how this government has failed this nation.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 2:07. Um... Kuwait DOES have a government sponsored wildlife sanctuary in Kuwait - up near Mutlaa. Where have you been for the past 10 years?

Desert Girl said...
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Desert Girl said...

“… forced their way into the Abdaliya Nature Preserve.” Yes, there IS a nature preserve in Kuwait.

Also see Sabah Al-Ahmad Nature Preserve:

Expat and the City said...

This is a disgrace and a crime beyond comprehension. Whoever did this should receive the same in return!