Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Ever wonder why people can't say what they mean in Kuwait?

... I guess I am still having glue-sniff moments...

I read this online the other day and I thought - ohmahgawd!  This is why so many people here have such a hard time being direct and saying what's really on their mind.  I think Kuwait is having an identity crisis in many ways.  It makes sense that a collective society that has been trying to be more individualistic would have difficulting saying it like it is.

Excerpts from the article:

Individualists prefer clarity in their conversations to communicate more effectively and come in general directly to the point like the Finns and Americans are doing.  (I met a Finnish woman once who I wanted to punch in the face.  TALK about saying what’s on your mind – totally inappropriate!)
An exception here are Germans who indeed are an individualistic culture but their communication style is different.  (That might be more like Kuwait.)

Collectivists:  In China it is out of question to disagree with someone’s opinion in public. You will do that in a more private and personal atmosphere to protect a person from the “loss of face”. In collectivistic cultures a direct confrontation will be always avoided. Expressions or phrases are used which describe a disagreement or negative statement instead of saying no. Saying no would mean to destroy the harmony in the group.  (AHA!!!  Ergo "Inshallah".)

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amalikrunner said...

Inshallah in Kuwait means forget about it you fool - and yes 95% of the people I've met in Kuwait say what thy don't mean - They are 'Pretenders' and fake.

They say what you want to hear and say sure I'll find out or help you or i'll call you tomorrow, damn you wait 10 days no call, no courtesy, no respect for anyone or anything.

If I was in power here omg i won't say more or they might execute me lol