Wednesday, November 09, 2011

USG Contracting Fraud Task Force in Kuwait

Looky looky at what I found. (Baby, where were you 8 years ago when I needed you the most?)  These fliers are being distributed at Arifjan.  Do YOU have a dirty little contracting secret you would like to share... ;)

Unfortunately, they don't have a local number but it is great to know that these folks are out there, The Defenders of Evil.

Kamal Sultan had to go all the way to US Federal Court in Atlanta before anyone would take notice of practices at (that big warehousing company to the North which is currently disbarred).. maybe the fliers will do more to help on the ground in Kuwait.  What are your thoughts?

15 November:  Someone just sent me this one below.


Crazy in Kuwait said...

I reported fraud a couple years ago regarding the spending of over 750,000 KD for rice cookers and flat screen tv sets. I got one email back from them and they never responded back. I was dissapointed when they never took it serious and the housing guy is still making tons of money.

Desert Girl said...

Unfortunately, like many other Western staffers, I think they may be transitional (2 to 4 year tenures - IF that).

I think at this point, it is like putting a Bandaid on a gushing chest wound.

If the task force is only allowed to interview on AJ and at the embassy (and again - without an easy means of reporting - like a website with forms or an e-mail), fraud will continue on a massive scale in Kuwait (and other places in the world).

Shiiiiit - if commercial companies can offer websites, call centers, 24/7 service, and other feedback options - why can't the USG?

Desert Girl said...

Me no speak no Americano...

Push 1 for English
Push 2 for Arabic
Push 3 for Tagalog
Push 4 for Hindi
Push 5 for Urdu


Anonymous said...

I like how you mention Kamal Sultan, that paragon of virtue. The same Kamal Sultan that was caught redhanded stealing fuel from the US military and got off with a slap on the wrist!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 7:29 - I like how Kamal Sultan was all you got out of the post. Yeah, perspectives.

I admire Kamal Sultan. I mean, everybody else blew the whistle on Agility for years in Kuwait and nothing happened. It took a like-minded family member who was intelligent and tenacious enough to bring the house down. So be it.

I never questioned his integrity one way or the other; only that he succeeded by hiring a lawyer and taking the case all the way to US Federal Court in Georgia.

.. but hey, guess if anyone else had information on anyone else being fraudulent on USG contracts, now they have a slightly easier route to blow the whistle, eh? Got info?

Anonymous said...

Its a case of being denied a share of the loot , rather than KamalSultan being a paragon of virtues.

Guess he became fed up of getting crumbs. But he and his partners are no angels.