Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Get a Mammogram

I had a mammogram and sonogram last night at International Clinic.  It came back normal (according to them) - with a little fluid cyst that I am going to get a second opinion on just incase. 

One of my American friends recently went to IC and they found something that they told her she shouldn't worry about either; it turned out to be stage 1 cancer.  She went to the States to be treated and is fine now; they caught it early enough.

My friend, Nanda, was diagnosed with breast cancer here in Kuwait not too long ago.  She had treatment here, then in her home country in Brazil.  I guess they didn't catch it in time.  She passed away and we all miss her so much.  In her last days, she told everyone she met to go have a mammogram.

So, I think everybody should. If you are not a woman, you have a mother, sisters, wife, friends who are - tell them that they should.  It is survivable if you catch it early enough.  If not, cancer is a terrible disease that affects everyone around the patient. 

I had a mammogram done at Mowasat hospital about 3 years ago.  It was really comprehensive; with the x-rays, they gave me a typed, signed report of their findings. 

Maybe some of you have had better experiences at other hospitals or clinics around Kuwait and I would appreciate it if you would let me know so I can post about it so other women know.


amalikrunner said...

Dar Al shifa hospital Hawally :)

LWDLIK said...

Thank you I will be arranging one this week.

Desert Girl said...

Amalikrunner: What about Dar Al Shifa? Do they just do mammograms? Or are you commenting about their service?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of mammograms, I just want to vent about how I am sick and tired of every time breast cancer is mentioned on the news THEY HAVE TO SHOW WOMEN GETTING A MAMMOGRAM, from every angle, even the cameraman is laying on the floor sometimes!, I really really hate that, why are these women giving the camera people (I bet they are men) permission to film them?. I believe in equal rights sooo much that when they talk about prostate cancer we need to see some honest to goodness balls on camera. I would feel so much better.

Anonymous said...

I am a Kuwaiti single woman moving back to Kuwait after living abroad for my entire adulthood. My gynecologist told me that I should get examined once a year for breast and uterus cancer. The problem is to find a discreet gynecologist (preferably western) who would accept to examine me since most gynecologists won't. You know the whole stupid virgin shit. Basically if you are not a virgin you deserve to die from cancer! Please help!

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:04 -

Why wouldn't any gyn accept you as a patient? I don't get it.? Is it just that you want to find someone discreet?

Try the Royal Hyatt. I go to Dr. Gazawi.

If you have private medical insurance and you are afraid of discretionissues in Kuwait, do NOT use it. Pay cash.

I'm no virgin and I'm single and I've never had problems getting examined anywhere. What's the big deal??

Anonymous said...

Well, you're American. A gynecologist won't examine a supposedly virgin Kuwaiti girl. You see to get your uterus examined a gynecologist needs to use a speculum he won't examine you if you're a virgin for two reasons.
1. If you're a virgin you can't get papillomavirus which can in rare cases give you cancer!
2. If you're a virgin he can't use a speculum because every girl in Kuwait will say that they lost their virginity because of a speculum examination.
Do you see my dilemma? I need a gynecologist who will accept to examine me even though I have never been married.

Anonymous said...

I recommend that all women research the dangers of mammograms before suggesting that we all have one. Mammograms appear to cause the very cancer they claim to detect. As with all health advice, check every angle before following blindly.

Elley Rose said...

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