Saturday, November 19, 2011

Kuwait's American Thanksgiving Conspiracy

There is an anti American Thanksgiving conspiracy going on in Kuwait.  (Desert Girl meltdown...)

There are no fresh turkeys to be found in Kuwait.
The Sultan Center has no US sweet potatoes and NO cranberries of any kind.
Sultan Center says that they "think" they'll get a shipment of turkeys after December 7th and that they "might" get fresh cranberries around the same time because "they're not in season".  BS!

Oh, and get this... Dean & Deluca, the pillar of quality food and service in Kuwait "hasn't priced their turkeys yet" (according to management) and "needs to check with their procurement office".    Emmm..... hel-loooo!  Thanksgiving is less than a week away!  D&D - OF NEW YORK!!!!  A disgrace to all Americans living in Kuwait on Thanksgiving Day.  Uffaaaaa

I'm REALLY PISSED OFF. (Can you tell?!)

I have heard from one of my friends where I can find fresh cranberries.  I'm sorry, but I have to keep this one close-hold until I get get my hands on some (and then I'll announce).

The PX on Arifjan has turkeys.  Thanks to the BIG heart of a certain Boy-de-'bama, I'm going to get one of them and Stella has very very kindly volunteered to cook it (I LOVE YOU!!!)

Oooooo Saaaaaaaa.  It will be okay.  It will be okay.  It will be okay.

November 20 Update...

BamaBoy came to the rescue with "the biggest turkey they had" at the PX for all of 8KD!  Woo hoo.
Found and procured cranberries.  Done.

Dean and Deluca called.  12KD per kilo for their cooked turkey.  Um.... that's why they waited until the last minute:  because they knew people would be desperate enough to pay those kind of prices.  GLAD I don't have to!


Anonymous said...

LuLus Qurain has fresh cranberries and dried ones that work as well. Gail

Anonymous said...

Went to Dean and Deluca today and asked about the turkey menu.... yup, still not priced yet or organized but I left my number and email and hopefully they will be able to get back to me tonight! :-))

Desert Girl said...

Um sorry Anonymous 3:29, but bullshit. That's what they told me on Thursday. That's what they told me yesterday. Don't hold your breath, honey.

Anonymous said...

Boycott Sultan center, D & D, and Applebee. Their greed left us high and dry.

Anonymous said...

no ham either, the heathens.

tranquility said...

Where did you find cranberries? Thanks in advance!