Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Defense Contracting and Logistics in Kuwait

I have updated a list of logistics companies and defense contractors doing business in Kuwait. I try to keep it as current as possible.  In the past, I have asked both the embassy and the American Business Council for this type of information; neither one has ever been able to provide a list.  In fact, I have repeatedly been told by the American Business Council that they are "not a clearing house for information".  Fasssssssssssscinating.  They won't even give fellow members copies of their membership listings showing other members.  How very conveeeeeeeeeenient for the few board members who have access to the listing... but I digress...

There is a niche market in Kuwait if anyone wants to pursue it as a business.  I would be a customer.  On my wish list is a booklet of information specific to this segment of the market in Kuwait:  Defense and Logistics.  I would like to see the booklet list companies, past and present contract awards, company information (contacts, websites, history in the region, etc.)  Every company I have worked for in contracting in Kuwait has asked me to compile this type of information.  Many job-seekers in Kuwait (and many coming from outside Kuwait) want it.  You don't need to go to a publishing house: you can build the book yourself. Include advertising - especially from companies who want to do business in the industry or with US Military. 

From a recent story in the New York Times, the US plans to be in the region for a while (U.S. Planning Troop Buildup in Gulf After Exit From Iraq). A similar story was in the Arab Times a few days ago.  There is a 50-year lease on Camp Arifjan (and - the US military in Kuwait ONLY has "camps" not "bases" - they have not been turned into permanent missions YET.)  There WILL be a railway linking GCC/Middle Eastern countries.  The logistics business in the region isn't going anywhere.

None of this is classified information or of a secret nature.  If you scour the internet, you can determine what companies are doing in Kuwait/the region.  You just have to spend a LOT of time doing research.  Since I've done it, and I'm a believer in the power of shared information, I'm publishing it. Now, some of these companies don't have a physical presence in Kuwait, and they may not have current contracts in Kuwait; however, they either have had an interest or they are looking at business in Kuwait. If you have any to add, give me a holler at

By the way, if you would like to find out what companies have been disbarred/banned from USG contracting(and there may be a few on my list), you can check it out by searching on Excluded Parties List System at or the CCR search site at  Do a search for Kuwait.  It's fasssssscinating! 


Anonymous said...

I oftened wondered why there is not an Employment Agency for Americans on Camp Arifjan. People who are already networked that can assist Americans find jobs in Kuwait on bases. None of you are qualified to do this, this is commonplace in the US and no one has even thought of this, because lets face it even on these bases, you get a job by wasta and that is not the American way, in fact, I am appalled by the level of corruption in Kuwait by US companies and how they seem to comfortable deny their employees access to the US labor laws and even the Kuwait labor laws.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 3:23:

Em... Why would there be an employment agency on Arifjan? Arifjan is a military camp. Their employees have already been recruited by the military.

Do you mean for contractors? There are plenty of employment agencies in the Kuwait market and online.

What do you mean "qualified"? Qualified to recruit? Qualified to hold the positions?

I believe you are correct that people are getting jobs through wastah on the camps in Kuwait, however. Sad, but true. But it is like that everywhere - even US defense contractors in the States.

I agree also that the level of corruption in Kuwait is disgusting; and I believe that US defense contractors are taking advantage of employees. However, I believe it is every employee's responsibility to be knowledgeable of local labor (and other) laws. The Kuwait Labor Law (and updates) are available online. ANYONE holding a Kuwait residency - regardless of who they work for - is ruled by the Kuwait Labor Law; This includes contractors on the camps (there are no permanent "bases" in Kuwait - they are "camps").

I believe that some contracting companies THINK that because they don't have an official "presence" in Kuwait, they can get around this stipulation. Know your rights! [2 weeks of vacation in Kuwait, for example, is ILLEGAL. You are entitled (with a Kuwait residency visa) to 30 days.]

If you have a question, ask a lawyer. Most often in Kuwait, they won't charge you for questions. Labeed Abdal is good; so is DLA Piper.

And hey, if employees just go with the flow and don't stand up for their own rights (class action lawsuits, for example, or perhaps wistle blowing to appropriate agencies, maybe even writing a letter to your senator, nothing will change. Don't just bitch about it - do something.

Desert Girl out.

Anonymous said...

where's the posted photo of contractors?
Does the "Big Brother" take it off? ;)
or u just uploaded only the thumbnail?

just wondering :)

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 6:59: em..... no idea what you are talking about. Clarify?

Anonymous said...

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