Saturday, November 12, 2011

Non-Compete Clauses in Kuwait

I heard that a certain US defense contractor (which is losing employees fast these days) wasn't "allowing" their employees to attend a recent (3 letter company that begins with an eye) job fair held last weekend at the Hilton; that representatives of that organization actually contacted representatives of (the 3 letter company) and told them that they were "not allowed" to hire their employees.

Funny that.

Did you know that non-competes are ILLEGAL in Kuwait?

The only binding law in Kuwaiti court for employees is the Kuwait Labor Law.  Kuwaiti courts don't recognize non-competes.  No one can stop you from working anywhere in Kuwait.

For example, if one defense contractor attempts to stop you from going to work for another defense contractor, you (and your colleagues) have a case.  A nice class action case if you wanted to go there.

Again, I don't understand why people just don't GO to talk to a local lawyer.


American Girl said...

Often they even make employees sign an agreement not to work for specific companies -- leading the employee to think applying to those companies can be 'cause' for termination. Then, upon re-bid, they use these same employees as 'evidence' they have the proper number of staff to support a contract without missing a beat. It's all so very shady.

Desert Girl said...

It is amaaaaazing what these companies get away with over here.

Kuwait: The Wild Wild West of Contracting.

Yvonne Wakefield said...

I had a friend in Kuwait who worked for one of those three letter companies which charged the US gov. $18 for a six-pack of Coke. When this friend was fired from his job in Kuwait he spent nearly 2 years sitting around waiting for clearance so he could work for another 3 letter company in a very ndesireable part of the ME. Check out the site below...makes it all seem like a dream job.

possumdawg said...

I sign one here in the States and it was binding. Glad Kuwait is more progressive than my State.

I need a job but will have to wait to re-enter my field for another 3 months.

Desert Girl said...

Possumdawg - Yep, they are binding in other countries, just not Kuwait.

Anonymous said...

Who is a good lawyer on this matters or how can one find a good lawyer?

Desert Girl said...

I use DLA Piper. They are an international firm with local representation. 965 2247 2317

The US embassy has a listing of lawyers on their website also.