Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Mo' Keratin

So while I was in Virginia, I got another keratin treatment.  I checked prices online and most were cheaper than Kuwait - AND I figured that they'd have better ventillation systems. WRONG.

I had a Coppola treatment done at Elizabeth Arden Red Door - which is usually extreeeeeemely expensive, but I had it done for $340.  Where they get cha is with the extras - trim, products, etc.

They, like everywhere I've been in Kuwait, had no special ventallation system.  I asked for a fan. She turned on a hair dryer.  I'm like no - a FAN.  My eyes stung.

It was a good treatment though.  But, the products that I bought at Strands here (Acai Brazilian Blowout shampoo and conditioner) seemed to be making my hair fall out, so I stopped using it.  I'm using other non-sulfur, non-sodium shampoo and conditioners.

I discovered how the Brazilian BJ's people get away with claiming they are formaldehyde free:  the products dont' contain formaldehyde at over the top levels; however, when mixed together is when it happens.  So I've been told with no verification of that anywhere.

I also made another discovery:  some companies are now offering keratin treatments in over the counter supplies.  I bought this one at CVS for $16.  It is supposed to last for 30 days.  There are others that are more expensive and last longer.  Ya know what - for the amount of time that this stuff is seeming to last in my hair (about 8 weeks regardless of what brand), I think $16 is a good deal.  I haven't tried it yet - maybe when the Coppola runs out.

So anyhoo, just thought I would pass that along.


Anonymous said...

Hello DesertGirl,

Do you know if any salons in Kuwait offer the Coppola treatment? I'm researching getting a treatment that would eliminate the frizz and add shine to my hair without taking away the waves. Any recommendations?


Desert Girl said...

First of all, I tried the Organix (off the shelf product at $16) and it was the worst stuff EVER. Wouldn't recommend it. It went on very thick and didn't give any of the results that the salon keratin treatments did. Yucky.

Anonymous May 20: I have just had a Coppola treatment here in the States (Elizabeth Arden Red Door Salon) at $350. LOVE the stuff. Lasts up to 6 months and is - by far- the best treatment I've ever had.

Having said that, I don't know of any salon in Kuwait that offers Coppola. Boudoir said they were looking into it, but last I checked with them, they hadn't received the product.

You might try ordering the supplies yourself. My friend, Libra, will professionally put it in for you and she has all the venting systems so you won't suffer through it (like you would most likely at salons in Kuwait since they don't care much about vents).

If you are interested, write to me at amerab@gmail.com and I'll put you in touch with her.