Monday, November 28, 2011

Traveling to Seattle, Portland or Chicago?

Anyone traveling to Seattle, Portland or Chicago and willing to take a dog along for K'S PATH (Animal Friends)?  The passenger doesn't have to do anything, just allow the dog to be listed on the ticket, and K'S PATH will do the rest.  It's much cheaper if the animal is accompanying a passenger.  Please send this out to all on your list who might be flying out, possibly over the holiday or any time in the near future.  If interested please call Karen on 99594898 or email: Thank you!!

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I brought a K'S PATH saluki along with me on a United flight to DC.  It was so easy!  K'S PATH reps met me with the dog at Kuwait airport and helped me process his paperwork through.  I collected him at the excess baggage counter at Dulles and we went through the special line (with things to declare) with his paperwork.  As soon as we walked through the arrivals door, someone was there to greet me and accept the dog.  It didn't cost me a thing and made me very proud that I had helped an animal.

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Yvonne Wakefield said...

I escorted two six month-old Salukis from Kuwait to Seattle and because Kuwait Airways maintained its status of always leaving late, I ended spending a night in a New York hotel with the pups.

The experience deserved a section in my book, "Suitcase Filled with Nails." And it was an experience, no matter how harrowing, I would gladly repeat again and again