Thursday, October 20, 2011

Arab Times - Irking me from Afar

I've been really really lazy about blogging lately and I hereby apologize to those of you who don't have a life and are looking to me for entertainment. (ha ha).

I'm in DC and having a great time.  I'll have to write more about that later - fer SURE because it has been such an awesome trip and I've been having so much fun.

Until then... this is so stupid. I check in on the Arab Times online to find out what's been going on in Kuwait and here it is... the "big news"...

Couples Making Love Shock Sharq Beachgoers
KUWAIT CITY, Oct 17: Two young couples openly made love (kissing and hugging each other) on a beach in Sharq to the surprise of beachgoers, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.  The daily added it is strange there were no policemen in the area to safety and security of beachgoers.
Yo, so first and foremost, do people really consider kissing to be such a shocking offense?  Dudes in Kuwait do it all the time.  

Second, check out the 2nd sentence which is just plain bad Engleeezi:  " safety and security of beachgoers."  Dumb, dumb, dumb.  

And C:  Is it really an issue of public safety and security?  I mean WTF - it would be more deadly and dangerous for people to cross a street in Kuwait to GET to the beach to see the display of  kissing and hugging.  (Personally, I don't cross big streets in Kuwait.  Never have.  I get in my car and drive over there.  I don't care if it seems like it is just 10 feet away.  I don't want to die and early death at the hands of some 12 year old, cigarette-smoking, on-his-phone, Ferrari-driving entitled teenager.... Which brings me to another point - why can't they just build walk-overs on Gulf Road?)

People people people!!!  Public kissing and hugging is the least of our problems (not that I consider either of those to be problems - spread the love).


Anonymous said...


I'm one of those who do not have a life here in Kuwait and look to your blog for entertainment -- and I'm not ashamed of it. I'm only keeping my identity private for the "safety and security" of others. Get back soon!

Desert Girl said...

Ok, you stay safety and security, my friend! :) LOOOL. Glad to keep you entertained.

Anonymous said...

huh,saftey and security,does kissing means a ticking bomb.

Anonymous said...

LOL You crack me up!
Did you know that 50% of Kuwaiti news papers is brought to you by Dywaniyas' gossip? And the other half is brought to you by blogs? Like when they announced that Jackie Chan died of a heart attack just before the Olympics.
This is propaganda to scare people. I'm a bisexual Kuwaiti woman. I've kissed my girlfriend and boyfriends many many times on the beach. People come to you and claim to be part of the Kuwaiti secret service!!!