Monday, March 10, 2014

The Era of The Skanky Hook-Up

Arab Times
10 March 2014

Kuwait:  Nude pictures: The Misdemeanor Court, presided over by Judge Abdul-Nasser Khuraebit, sentenced a woman to three years in jail with hard labor and immediate execution for posting her nude pictures on Twitter. The woman, who is unmarried, is said to have posted the indecent pictures to entice a man to commit immoral activities. The man forwarded the pictures to detectives who later arrested the woman. During interrogations, the woman admitted that she posted the photos to lure the man.


You know what?  GOOD FOR THE JUDGE!  I can't tell you how many of my female friends with boyfriends or husbands in Kuwait have the same problem:  slutty whores sending them skanky nude photos or posing seductively in some way.   All of those Shoo Shoo's, MeeMee's, Toota's, Sweet(something) all over virtual reality.  ICK.  

Ok, but on the flip (and I've posted about this before), I've received quite a few pictures from men of their (male parts), "to entice me to commit immoral activities."   I've talked about this with other girlfriends and it seems that I'm not alone in the receipt of this type of thing.  It's like a bunch of animals posturing for females.  "Look at me, look at me!"  How BASE can you get?!

It is the era of the skanky, bare-all hook up and I DON'T LIKE IT.  Meet online; send each other nude photos.  Get in, get off, get out.    Romance and dating have gone.  Love has no meaning.  And it's all about the next-best-thing.   

There was a scene in the movie "Demolition Man" (set in the future) with Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone.  She asks him if he would like to have sex with her.  He agrees.  She then hands him a headset and a towel so they can have virtual sex.  I fear that's what the world is coming to.  No connections.  No intimacy.  Just neked pictures and a towel.

Technology is the bitch that you can't slap (unless you get busted, I guess.)

Kudus to you, Judge Khuraebit, for giving a little decency back to Kuwait.  I look forward to seeing more of these cases in the news.


NYC Expat said...

What a STONE AGE place populated by stone-aged HYPOCRITES! SMDH!

I bet you that same judge would go home and wank off to porn (or perhaps the same twitter picture in evidence).

And DG, with all sue respect, it does not say that the snitching dude is married and/or has a girl-friend (both often not being mutually-exclusive in these parts). It may be dumb, stupid, obtuse, crass, ghetto or 'rachet' (as we would say back home), but where is the crime in a SINGLE girl (or guy) sending PRIVATE pictures to someone that s/he fancies? Particularly in a country where you can literally buy the life of another with so-called "blood" money!

Desert Girl said...

NYC Expat -

With all due respect, I don't think there was any respect at all in your opening statement. Why the hostility if you're living here (I assume)?

Kuwait is an Islamic country with Islamic law.

Baring all IS A CRIME IN KUWAIT (in photos sent out through a public medium - in this case on Twitter - or physically in public). It is also a crime to send naked pictures of yourself. (It is also a crime in the US if you are the recipient of unwanted/unsolicited nude photos.) You have to know the law where you live. I'm sure the woman in question knew the risk and took a chance anyways.

In this case, the woman was single, but it wouldn't have mattered if she was married or not (an irrelevant fact that the newspaper shouldn't have printed as it doesn't have any effect on the story/case).

Porn is illegal in Kuwait. People caught with porn by the authorities go to jail. Alcohol is illegal. Drugs are illegal. Regardless of your views of this society, it is the law.

Blood money is the law if one person causes another's death. FYI it is the victim's surviving family's determination IF they will press charges (leading up to the criminal's death penalty) or accept "blood money" which is actually a settlement fee. In the US, we have Torte Law. Kuwait has Islamic law. Under Torte Law, the victim's family could sue the criminal. Here, the term is blood money. Is there a difference?

NYC Expat said...

DG wrote: "Porn is illegal in Kuwait. People caught with porn by the authorities go to jail... Regardless of your views of this society, it is the law."

That's what the North Koreans (and Russians) say about their laws criminalizzing everything from a free press to so-called "gay propaganda". I tend not to get into these sorts of discussions because I fully understand that law and morality are two completely different things. However, in your post, you appeared to have taken a moral (by employing words like "skanky") rather than legalistic stance.

PS: Btw, while I did live briefly in Kuwait, I no longer do so (you could say that in a nutshell I took heed of the often unsolicited counsel of many Kuwaitis that "if you don't like it, leave" :-)). However, I absolutely LOVE your blog to bits (one of my few highlights of Kuwait) and so keep hanging around. But of course I would still be addicted to it even if it was being written from Kathmandu - because its star is YOU (not Kuwait)!

Anonymous said...

Another valid point is that you view a nation by it's people and you view a government by its legal system. Speak to anyone in neighboring GCC countries and the Kuwaitis surely have an identity problem. How they protray themselves is not reflected in their society. Their hated of foreigners in their nation will be their demise, because as they begin to see the need for greater transparency in government channels due to the corruption levels and continue to witness the continuous development growth in neighboring GCC countries which is stagnated on a concerted level, they will begin to see the core of their problem which is not due to foreigners but themselves. Maybe you wink when you you're at the immigration desk, but I have to wipe the spit off my face. Tourism is a pipe dream for this nation, no way any tourists will visit this nation with this demeaner, not even the Kuwaitis want to sit more than a few months in their country, so why would any tourist.They'd be better off as a nation, taking a good long look at themselves in the mirror and building a nation that reflects who they are as a nation. And they will need the correct foreign expertise, whether they like it or not.

michelle hill said...

This post seemed uncharacteristic of you in several ways, however I can see and feel your frustration regarding these types of women as well as the decline of traditional love/dating relationships. The contrast seems even starker set in the backdrop of fundamentalism, where taboo has such high stakes. Was it really necessary for the women to be 'whores and sluts'? or for that man to have turned her in? What of personal responsibility? realizing that men are not so easily 'trapped and enticed' and ultimately have agency over their thoughts and actions. It seems the moral compass is very fluid depending upon the circumstances. Liberties are taken regarding many vices, be it drinking, gambling, sex outside of marriage, metering judgment is a tricky balance.

Desert Girl said...


Thanks for your comment. You are very correct: Metering judgment is a tricky balance. But hey - this is my blog, so my meter, I suppose.

Uncharacteristic? Because you think I would condone this type of behavior and think it acceptable? Not this girl. I believe there are lines.

When did it become no big deal to send naked photos of your private parts to people? I can see if the other party consented (if given that choice in the beginning, perhaps). ("Do you mind if I send you some naughty/neked photos of my hoo-hoo?") It is like consensual or non-consensual sex: Why should anyone have to tolerate it if it is thrust (if you will pardon the expression) upon them? It is a violation.

Like I said, I have received naked photos and videos from men (even recently) without my consent - or even knowing who these people are. I DO feel violated. I do NOT think it is okay. It is my CHOICE of weather or not I want to go to the trouble to file a case. If it becomes a nuisance from one person then yes, I would file a case.

Maybe you mis-read my post(?) "Was it really necessary for the women to be 'whores and sluts'?" Although the case was against a woman, it could easily have been against a man. I spoke of both genders doing similar things (although in my own personal experience, I have seen more women baring all in Kuwait then men).

"...or for that man to have turned her in" I was not specifically calling the female gender a whore or a slut. Men doing the same could be called the same. As for turning her in; again - it could have been a man and the person turning them in would have been well within their right.

michelle hill said...

I think you are right. I actually had not thought of feeling violated, which I would as well if I unexpectedly received a naked pic. It is a violation if consent isn't obtained.
Uncharacteristic only because you are the opposite judgmental, but given reconsideration of the doesn't apply. It's so odd. I grew up in the US and EU mostly and sexual mores are much looser (certainly even more so in EU) and this is not standard practice for mature adults in more liberal countries. There definitely is something to forbidden fruit syndrome.

Solar_Alchemist said...

I can't believe you watched demolition man

Clinomaniac said...

This is the perfect example of "don't know how to act" when you give a culture so closed any sort of openness this is what happens SMH .
I am with DG all the way , she had it coming there are consequences and she is paying .
Let's hope the instagram hookers are next .

Desert Girl said...

This is becoming an issue in Kuwait. I think people have had enough. There is an article in the Kuwait Times today on Instagram and Prostitutes: