Thursday, March 06, 2014

13 Year Old Arrested and Later Freed for Participating in Bedoun Demonstrations

Arab Times, 6 March 2014

13-year-old freed on bail: The Juvenile Public Prosecution released a 13-year-old Bedoun, identified as Ali Al-Habib, on KD 200 bail after listening to the statements of the officers in charge of the case. Case files indicate the teenager was arrested for participating in the recent Bedoun demonstrations.  Sources revealed he cried in front of the prosecutor, saying he was not aware of the purpose of the demonstration.


AG said...

Shame on them for arresting a child! If they really wanted these demonstrations to end, they would follow through with all of the empty promises they've made over the years.

In reference to your previous post about charities; I've asked everyone I can think of and they all say the only organizations they know that give to the Bedoun are all government entities. And no one I talked to felt those organizations really did much for the Bedoun at all.

For years I had wanted to start a non-profit organization solely for their benefit but didn't have the time or know how. Oddly enough, I do have a lot of friends here in America who I've educated on the topic and they're constantly asking where and how they can make contributions (financial and/or material). Sadly I don't have an answer for them either.

Desert Girl said...

AG - As always, well said, girlfriend! I've seen SOME charities in Kuwait - and the Mercedes owned by the people who run them. Not thrilled by the prospect of going that route again.

I knew a woman who wanted to open a school for Bedoon children. I don't know how far she got with it.

I wish I could be like Maureen Al-Dakheel (Operation Hope) and start a charity to really benefit people at the grass-roots.

Anonymous said...

This is recent news of a fund for education of Bedoon Childern , I think its government run ,

Also you may get some information from Al Sultan education fund ( Part of Sultan Center )

sorry couldnt provide contact numbers

Anonymous said...

For your information, there was an article in the Kuwait Times Newspaper about a charity that helps Bedoon children. You can google the article below.

Kuwaiti fund to sponsor 14910 bedoon students

Kuwait Times ‎- 11 hours ago

KUWAIT: A Kuwaiti charity fund announced yesterday sponsorship of 14,910 ... same time the Fund's keenness to provide all required necessities......etc

Clinomaniac said...

Poor Kid :(