Sunday, March 21, 2010

General Sunday Stuff

Almost every weekend, Slapperella and I can be found at the Muhallab Restaurant at The Palms Hotel, dining on a bigfat subaiti. It is our new favorite place.

This weekend, I first noticed the potholder. I asked the waiter to bring us cognac since they were advertising it. Sadly, we received the usual response. Sigh.

I watched something on YouTube about Kuwait and then checked out the Red Bull freestyle dancers. Kuwait got talent, baby. I've known Kuwaitis who are great dancers. Some of the guys in parliament used to be seen in clubs dancing until the wee hours of the morning (you KNOW who you are!) It is so sad that no one can dance here. We live in such a rigid society. Let looooooose. Git jiggy wi it!

I sent Dr. Sexy D.D.S. a message this weekend, "Question: If I agree to pay your 500KD off-site/out-of-office fee, will you have coffee with me outside?" No response. Whaaaaaa - am I too pushy? C'mon; you know it had to give him a giggle.

I logged onto KFH online today. They crack me up. "Hight" school and "Above University". I'm not even going to get into the capitalization rules.... That just drives me nuts.

I am bored and I am dangerous when I'm bored. No one is safe. Take cover.


BoBader said...

Coffee stains the teeth.. I'm guessing he was offended.... go for another beverage..:)

Desert Girl said...

Yes, BoBader, probably so. That HAS to be it! ;) Vodka!!

Sensual Lust said...

if "Hight" is driving you nuts, wait till u see this