Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Howling

So I'm watching Slaps' puppy, Max, for a few days while she's on business travel. It's like having a baby in the house. I don't think I can EVER have a kid now. I'm just too old and too cranky to put up with it. Night-before-last, it was whining; every 1.5 hours all. night. long. Last night, it was the HOWLING. Like a wolf. (My neighbors are going to think that I'm havin circus sex - again... and it wasn't ME.) Desert Dawg was so frightened that she borrowed in under the covers next to me (she never does that - she's not a spooner at night. Prefers her personal space; she growls if I invade it.)

Slaps is always SO KIND when it comes to taking care of Desert Dawg while I'm travelling. I guess payback is a bitch, but what a BITCH. Jeez Louise.

No sleep - and it isn't even because I'm doing something FUN.

Max is as cute as they come - big, lanky puppy with a tail that flaps around like a bag in the wind. He always has a mischievious doggy-smile on his face and is full of energy, bounding around like he's on a sugar high. Very adorable - until the whining/howling begins. Oh - not to mention the interesting sense of purpose when it comes to a lack of house training. Why would ANYONE pee in front of a refrigerator? Late night boobie trap? And this experience has made me increasingly grateful that I have a small dog: Max manufactures elephant-sized mountains o'dog poop. Eeeeewwww. I don't know how Slaps deals; girlfriend can't even stand the sight of a dirty kleenex on the highway....

Come home, Slapperella, come hoooooooooome (said like you're howling)!

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Anonymous said...

aww how cute :) god help you am after getting a chi am only worried about the training part i don't wanna end up being called ''Poopa scoopa'' any tips on how you trained desert dog?