Thursday, December 01, 2011

Kuwaiti Half-Breeds

I was at International Clinic this morning, waiting around to be seen by a dermatologist because (sigh) I have onycholysis again.  Sounds like a rash, but it'snot.  I have an allergy to formaldehyde and unfortunately, I ventured into unchartered nail polish waters and tried a new color that I didn't think had formaldehyde in it (Essie,... you BITCH!).  Et voila, my nailbeds are screaming in pain and dying.  Well, 2 of them anyways.   This hasn't happened to me in like 20 years (yes yes, I'm 29, shut up).  The doctor looked at me sideways when I pulled out the 20 year old tube of cream that they gave me the last time (he must think I'm a hoarder.  Perhaps he's right.)

Anyways, long-story-longer, I was waiting for the doctor (who I have now discovered also does Botox - woo hoo) and I picked up a magazine (yes, I had hand sanitizer) and flipped through. I read a very interesting story about "Kuwaiti Half-Breeds" in Sarab Magazine.  .... then they called me in to see the doctor.

So, I got back to my office and Googled the magazine. The story is in the November issue and I was surprised to learn that it was written by the same woman who wrote about me and dis-here-blog a while back. Her name is Farah Al-Hashim.  I like her.  She's edgy and picks out interesting (not me, but okay) subjects.  You can read her article HERE

Kuwaiti Half-Breeds are multi-cultural people and have a group page on Facebook.  

We do live in a global village, don't we?  It is fascinating the way that like-minded people come together - and through technology.

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