Saturday, December 10, 2011

Serving Tea on Doowas is now Illegal in Mubarakia

(This photo was taken at Muhallab restaurant over a year ago.  
Doowa is the coal warmer.)

These little tea warmers (coal plates) are traditional in Kuwait.  They have been used for years in Mubarakia for warming tea. It was especially comforting in the winter months to go down to the souq and have tea at the end of a meal and have it served on little doowa at the table.

Now, the phucking baladiya (municipality) has made them illegal as they are coal burning and someone might get hurt.  They never have before.  Why now?

Is every little scrap of Kuwaiti tradition being destroyed by idiots?

I HATE what is happening to this country.


daily said...

LOL they want to take a walk around some of the schools and see the heaters teachers and admin are using ....Ha -Ha - Ha ...

Expat and the City said...

When you work in safety living in Kuwait is “sometimes” a nightmare. All I used to see is accidents waiting to happen and imminent danger for unprotected children. I've learned to turn a blind eye outside of work unless it's something major or life threatening. I will never be able to do that when it comes to children in cars. Why don't they leave the Doowas to preserve tradition and just put a fire extinguisher within reach? Or invent one that looks traditional but is safer for use? BTW, I Love Mubarakia as well. Especially this time of year and I'm sad to read what is happening.