Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Virginia

We didn't have a white Christmas but it has been lovely anyways.  I got here closer to the holiday than usual and although it was good for me in some ways (I couldn't shop so that saved me some money), I haven't had enough time to spend with my family before Christmas day itself.  The build up to Christmas is always fun and I'm sorry I missed it.

My sister, husband, and my nephew and his girlfriend went to Nemocolin Resort which is kind of a tradition for my family the day after Christmas.  I would rather be here in Virginia, so I gracefully (I hope) declined.  I'm doggy sitting so they know their babies are safe.

I'm so happy to be back here.  I really needed to get a break and even here it has been hard to just let go and relax.  I guess I shouldn't check my e-mails; I'm always telling Stella that and here I am, upsetting myself with stupid stuff that I can't fix and that won't make a difference in a week anyways.  Fekit.  Whatever.  Maybe they are just signs that I should be doing something different/better.  I'm realizing that my quality of life has been suffering lately and I'm probably too lazy or stupid to do anything about it - gotta change that.

Life is too short.

And speaking of which, I took my life into my own hands just today:  went shopping at Tysons Corner the day after Christmas.  Oh.My.God.  Well, I did it the Professional Shopper way:  I arrived early - just as the stores were opening; parked my car back-end first (for a quick get-away later) close to the door.  I wore comfortable shoes.  I stretched before I left the house.  Then I tackled the crowds.  I waited in line in Macy's (The Hottest Store on The Planet - not in terms of "cool", but in terms of "Dayam!  It's frickin hot in here!") behind 3 women who had coupons and exact change.  For some unexplained reason, they paid for each of their items separately and counted out change.  I thought I was going to blow a gasket until the woman behind me started chanting, "Oooooooh saaaaaaa." and handed me a 15% off coupon.  All was good.

I'm usually dying to buy shoes, but I have finally admitted (to myself mostly) that I just can't wear platforms and spikey heels.  Blame it on my ass and perhaps a distinct shift of weight to the nether regions, but they are no longer comfortable.  Gone are the days when The Romanian and I would put on 4" heels to go shopping.  It aint happenin.  I have just about all the shoes I need, seriously.  Although I should look for maybe another pair of closed-toed heels for Kuwait.  I just can't find any good leather shoes there.

I miss Desert Dawg.  Today, I saw a young girl walking a Bishon/Poodle mix puppy ("beeshapoo") and it looked just like Desert Dawg when she was a young thang.  So cute and adoreable.  Desert Dawg is pushing 15 years old this year and she still runs around like a puppy (Mashallah).  I miss those days when she was small enough to fit in my pocket or a handbag.  I think with no children, I am destined to buy toy dogs and be that weird old lady.  Maybe I am already.  Again... whatever.

I saw some incredibly gorgeous young Arab guys in line behind me at J. Crew and couldn't help but staring.  They must have thought I am some kind of a cougar.  Sometimes I think I should have married one of those cute guys who asked me when I was the age they were, but then I probably would have been a stay-home mom and not financially independent enough to feel comfortable buying 9 pairs of shoes on a whim (if that's what I wanted - The Miami Incident).  I guess everything can be viewed as a trade off.  Is it just me or are some of these young guys WAY better looking than they were when we were their age?  Dayum.

So, the sun is setting now and I'm going to take a bath and drink some more champagne.  I hope all y'alls had a very merry Christmas in the company of people who love and adore you.



Anonymous said...

Love your blog! Hope you have a fantastic time at home and would love to meet up with you when you are back in town!

Lara said...

I absolutely love your blog, too! You have a very unique perspective and writing style. I've been visiting your blog more often recently, as I and my family are in Kuwait now, for a three week visit with my in-laws. Your writing has provided me with invaluable insight, and I can't thank you enough for that! I should have taken your advice and skipped the Kuwait Zoo, though. That was an eye-opener, to say the least...

Anonymous said...

Go see the movie 'New Years Eve' and write down some resolutions for 2012 that are attainable. Happy holiday! My first two resolutions matched Michelle Phiffer's.
1. Quit my job.
2. Go to Bali, which is already booked for February.
Great film and you will see it uncensored.

Angelo-Your FB friend :) said...

Did you see any other attractive guys of any other nationality you would care to mention? (Mashallah) I do love your blog, and I am definately down with all the old school references, AND i also have code names for almost everyone in my life, BUT sometimes DG...sometimes...

Expat and the City said...

Merry Christmas :* :* :*

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog since last March. You always make me smile.
Happy New Year!