Monday, December 19, 2011

Bidoon Sit-in Tonight at 8pm

I received another warden notification from the embassy this morning, advertising a sit-in.  I love the "Emergency messages".  I suspect that they are promoting the cause because they let us know before the media.  THANKS youse guys!

"A sit-in to demonstrate solidarity with the Bidoon (stateless people) is scheduled potentially for 8:00pm at Determination Square on Monday, December 19 in downtown Kuwait City.  There are also reports of possible demonstrations in support of Bidoon rights tomorrow afternoon at Taima in the city of Jahra around 3:00 pm.  An increased police and security presence is expected in these areas."

I wonder if they'll bring out those shiny water cannons again.  It reminds me of my current events classes growing up in school and the study of the Civil Rights Movement in the States.  If only theyse guys had dogs that could attack people who are peacefully demonstrating, it would be very much similar.

I admire people who are willing to risk so much for their beliefs.

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