Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Boudoir Salon - GO THERE!!!

You can’t throw a rock in Kuwait without hitting a salon or nail bar.  Like the booming “mini-treat” industry in Kuwait, salon numbers have spiraled in the past few years (although salons have always been around in Kuwait, proper nail salons are a recent development).

I’m a picky person.  I don’t mind paying money for a service, but I’ve got to have good service in quality surroundings.  My bad back usually hurts when I have to spend several hours in an improper chair for a manicure-pedicure and I’ve run the full gamut of the salon scene; from cheap to high quality.  Unfortunately, until a few nights ago, I have been unimpressed.

 I was really searching for a salon with massage chairs.  I received an invitation out-of-the-blue from a salon owner, Reem Al-Qallaf (and partners Reem Al-Ibrahim and Shouq Al-Marzouq) of Boudoir Salon in Surra, who asked me if I would like to try their services (in a proper pedicure massage chair).   She was so friendly that it was immediate good customer service.

The salon is somewhat off the beaten track in Surra.  Reem provided very good directions.  She told me that she didn’t want a salon that was housed in an apartment building, or anywhere without plenty of parking.  Her location is great; I only had to walk approximately 50 meters from my car. 

Boudoir is a fitting name for the salon.  They have decorated it in lovely lilac, silver, and whites.  Their staff members wear white (not off white or formerly-white) uniforms  (and all were happy and smiling – which was refreshing).    The salon exudes elegance from the crystal chandeliers to the (insert harps playing here) four white leather massage pedicure chairs.  I was served coffee from a delicate silver teacup.  Their customers are of the genre that smile (not the kind who stare).

I couldn’t help but notice Reem’s American accent; and then she introduced me to her mother who is originally from Memphis.  So, it seems they have the perfect blend of Southern hospitality/charm, ambiance and outstanding customer service.  The only thing missing was the mint julep.

I had a Boudoir pedicure which consisted of a mint wrap (your legs are wrapped in plastic wrap), paraffin wax, fruit scrub (followed by more scrubbing), and callous remover gel (which I haven’t been able to find anywhere else in Kuwait).  It was heaven. 

Boudoir is a full-service ladies salon.  They offer hair styling, keratin treatments, coloring, make-up (“elegant, not over-stated”), threading, hair removal, Moroccan scrub, spray tan, and massage.  They offer Shellac and Gelish manicures and products which are the latest from the US and UK like Salon M, Essie, Opi and other brands.  (Of note:  I am picky when it comes to having my blonde hair “brought back to natural”.  I would prefer another blonde to do my color and noticed that Boudoir has a blonde stylist from the UK.)

The salon is squeaky-clean.  I am someone who pays attention and I look in corners.  It was pristine.  The owners care a lot about hygiene and the mani/pedi instruments are sterilized and kept in sealed bags.  Even the paraffin pedicure treatment is done in individual bags so that patrons don’t have to share with other clients.

Boudoir can be found on the net at www.boudoirsalon.net or phone 25335951/2.  Surra block 5, Street 1. 


Victoria - Washington Boudoir Photographer said...

Love those pics, now this is a salon I would definitely go to!!

Anonymous said...

How would you compare this to Elements Spa?

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 7:21. I wouldn't compare the two: Boudoir is a full service salon and Elements is a spa.

Elements does a great 2 hour pedicure with scrub, but they don't have massage chairs, so my back still wasn't terribly comfortable.

Anonymous said...

very nice salon,clean!i experienced home service but unfurtunately they dont undergo medical exam as in baladia because they are not check,need to ask if they have yellow booklet(undergo medical)to make sure that they are healthy to contact to client,that is why now i go salon

Anonymous said...

What about the prices ? Reasonable enough !?