Monday, December 12, 2011

Soldier and Camel

I saw this online.  A mother from Fullerton California (only identified as "Sue M") sent this to the Ellen show of her son, Steve, in Iraq.  I love this photo.  (I watercolored it.)

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American Girl said...

T and I watched an episode of 20/20 the other night where a US soldier and his unit found a litter of puppies, took pics with them, sent them to his fiance, but was killed that same night before she could check her email. She only saw the photos after his death and sent them to his mother who then did everything in her power to get that puppy in the picture with her son -- she now has him. I think we were both in tears at the end of the episode.

Regardless of the hardships our troops face every day when deployed to danger zones, they still manage to maintain their love and kindness. It says a lot about their character. I love the photo!