Thursday, March 31, 2011

From Today's Headlines

Nothing New
‘Kuwait human rights situation deteriorated drastically in 2010’
Situation of Bedouns remain same: KHRS

The society also highlighted the fact that the situation of Bedouns has remained the same, despite the establishment of a new agency to handle their affairs under the direct supervision of the Cabinet. The Central System for Remedying the Status of Illegal Residents (CSRSIR), headed by former lawmaker Saleh Yousef Al-Fadhalah, studied Bedoun files in 2010 (DG: "file 13") and agreed on the need to find lasting solutions to the problems of these people. Due to its recommendations, the concerned authorities have stepped up efforts to close the Bedoun file in the next five years.

Diplomacy 101:  Wife Beating
Kuwaiti ambassador absolved in wife bashing

KUWAIT CITY, March 30: The Court of Appeals upheld an earlier verdict and refrained from punishing a Kuwaiti ambassador accused of hitting his wife. (DG:  WHYYYY??  What message does that send to the rest of the world?)  The woman is said to have suffered permanent disability as a result of the beating.

According to the Public Prosecution, the ambassador who was based in South America allegedly slapped the wife and damaged her eardrum after the woman confronted him on his relationship with other women, and he got furious.

- - -
Is this what they're teaching in Kuwait diplomatic school?

It is HER fault for asking about his affairs!  How DARE she!

Poor woman.  I hope she has some super glue, a power drill, some duct tape, and a shovel... that's how I roll....  There's a lot more things you can do when the enemy is sleeping next to you in bed at night (or eating what you're serving for dinner... yummm chopped cat whiskers).    South America.. I'm thinkin' low-cost mercenaries...snakes in a limo...home of the machete...voodoo....1001 types of untraceable poison....

This has nothing to do with my previous paragraph... really....

I helped a Kuwaiti woman years ago in Virginia whose husband was repeatedly beating her, bringing home STDs from his adulterous affairs, and terrorizing their children in drunken rages.  She didn't know about domestic abuse hotlines, restraining orders, local police response times, and people who wanted to help;  I introduced her to a whole new world.  Fortunately for her, he had put the reaaaaally nice house they owned in her name.  Her kids decided to stay with mom in the States and continue their education.  When he confronted them, their response was "We were born in America. We're American. We're staying." 

Here's my philosophy:  Keep it in your pants or get a divorce.

...and I am going to reserve my opinion on polygamy for now cause I don't feel like getting into that discussion.... from my personal experience, it don't work out so good.  Equal is never equal.

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Anonymous said...

This country must commit to changing their educational agendas. It's wrong to have teachers in the system whom aren't certified. They should incorporate social responsibility throughout every Kuwait's education.

ps. Have you read the news on Bidoons gathering around at the USA and UK embassies?