Sunday, April 03, 2011

Props to my friends

I need to show some love. People have been really kind to me and I need to be gracious:

Thanks Special K for the gorgeous pink roses this week.  Doors SHOULD open for you. You are a sweetheart.  I adore you and your whole family and I hope (and I know) you have good luck throughout your life.

(And although he won't read this), thank you, Ahmad M, for bringing me back to life. I almost forgot those things you made me remember and I hope you will keep reminding me. I think of you and ... I sigh.... and without Hashim and his kind, gentle, respectful act of kindness, it wouldn't have been possible. Isn't life ironic that when you least expect it, you turn a corner and find something completely different.   I'm impressed and that is usually a hard-earned feat.

So I had a nice weekend.  NIIIIIISCH weekend. 

The Romanian finally met The Man Children.  Finally.  I've been talking about them to them for years and they were never all in the same place at the same time until we bumped into them in the mall this weekend.  The Romanian couldn't get over how nice his kids are.  She kept telling me again and again.  Well, they are nice and to be truthful, they aren't kids anymore.  They're young people.  If I really want a good belly laugh, I should get them all in the same room together with The Romanian and let the good times roll.  They're all so funny.   Hey..... The Romanian's son is about the same age as The Man's oldest daughter.... They both recently graduated, have good jobs.... hmmmmmm.... They're both smart, kind, and damn good looking....  (okay, DG, stop with the matchmaking...)

Oh, speaking of matchmaking, I got to get The Romanian to meet a friend of a friend this week.  He's yummy.  She'll love him.  (Whaaaaaaat?  I try to help my friends....)

And speaking of which, I have a friend who goes to the other church and tried to set him up wth someone who goes to his church; a GREAT personality, good looks, yada.  I thought they would get along smashingly.  Same personality types.  Both very funny.  Alas, it was a no-go.  I tried.  (Whaaaaaaat?  I try to help my friends....)

My sister has tried to matchmake for me in the past.... uh.... no.... She waits until she's good and wine-tipsy when we go out to some bar (usually before dinner) and then she picks the most foreign looking man (because she knows that's my flavah), walks up to him, says some inaudible babble that I can never hear from where I am standing, and then eventually he walks up to me... and uh.... no....  no no no.  No.

My lawyer has been looking for an "appropriate" husband for me for several months.  Lawyerman is so OCD that I am dying to see what kind of candidates he has in mind.  It just makes me giggle.  He may be busy now with all the parliament chaos, so I don't know if he'll meet his deadline.

It is kind of like sending your friends to go grocery shopping for you:  Do you ever really know what they'll come back with?  Will it be Puck or gouda?  Frozen pizza or steak?

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