Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ministry of Health: Bedoun employees to get same benefits as Kuwaitis

Arab Times
Bedoun get same benefits as Kuwaitis
KUWAIT CITY, April 18: Minister of Health in the caretaker government Dr Hilal Al-Sayer issued a ministerial directive Sunday, stating that all Bedoun employees of the ministry, be they doctors, nurses or technicians, be treated on par with their Kuwaiti colleagues, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Director of Legal Affairs Department at the ministry said the directive is in line with the general policy of the country in this regard. The decision includes all leave benefits like one full month paid leave, in addition to 15 days paid sick leave and 15 days unpaid leave. Pregnant women would be entitled to 70 days maternity leave.

The decision was announced during a meeting attended by ministry Undersecretary Dr Ibrahim Al-Abdulhadi and Assistant Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Abdulkarim Jafar.


Good for Dr. Al-Sayer!  He is such a forward-thinking progressive man and doing so much for Kuwait on many levels.  I like him and his wife, Margaret.  They are both approachable, friendly people who CARE.  Margaret Al-Sayer is the founder of Bayt Abdullah and they help ALL children, regardless of their nationality, who come to them for hospice care.  I specifically asked both of them this question during a meeting approximately a year before Bayt Abdullah was completed (well before Dr. Hilal became Minister of Health); 'Will you take in Bedoun children?'  They were quite adamant in their positive response and I immediately respected them for it.

There is no reason why people with no nationality should be treated differently - for the same job - as anyone else.  Equal benefits/pay for equal work.  Obviously, the Bedoun in the workforce must have the same qualifications and education to perform the same job (and yet the Bedoun must pay for their educations in their entirety whereas Kuwaiti counterparts are provided free education throughout their lives).  In my opinion, often when you have to pay for something, you work harder for it (but hey - that's just me).  In many cases, the Bedoun are completing their educations at the same institutions as their Kuwaiti counterparts; yet when it comes time to getting paid for what they do, the Bedouns receive much lower salaries.

For example (read it - for example):  perhaps Kuwait University should look into their salarty structure.   Instead of paying 100KD to a teaching Bedoun professor (for example) with a law degree from an accredited University (where his counterparts have gone), why not pay him/her the same salary they would his Kuwaiti counterpart making 2,000KD (for example)? 

How can you LIVE on 100KD a month?  Think about it.  You are a law professor and your students are all from good families.  How much is your budget for clothing alone?  White dishtashas in the summer that need to be cleaned regularly, white qutara, shoes.  Rent:  If rent averages 25% of a person's monthly income - where are you going to live for 25KD a month?  Transportation:  How are you going to get to and from work?  That 25KD rental property isn't going to be anywhere near where you work. 

Anyhooo.... back to my story.... Good on ya, Dr. Al-Sayer.  People like me (and many more) are keeping you in our prayers.


melvin dyer said...

bizedozHi Dr. Al Sayer,

Congratulstions on your ideas on sharing the wealth to all the peoples of your country, however those who live in the remote areas especially women and children do not have adaquate access to a medical facility,here is something to consider........a fully equiped mobile field hospital, capable of roaming through the remote areas to render medical service to those in need. We are able to provide this service.
Thank you,

RSVP: carrdyer23@yahoo.com

honorina said...

Hello Sir! Since long months ago we, the expat lab techs, pharmacists, X ray techs were all given a promise of salary upgrade.
Please follow it up for we have families with grave financial commitments, too! like that of our bedouins and Kuwaiti counterparts.
Personally, I have 4 studious college kids. I am the single breadwinner of my family. In this hard so tough economic times, would you help us have the promised grace of God to hardworking Filipino moms like us. I am currently working in Naeem Center as senior med tech with 300-500 people clientelle per day for almost 10 yrs. Only recently I was given 2 assistants--2010 n 11.
Pls boost our morale to work harder by giving the pay hike incentive.
We are deeply indebted of your gracious kindness to our needful families way back home, who missed our loving attentions in sacrifices for their better futures.