Sunday, April 10, 2011

I got a Brazilian Blowout

I know - it sounds totally dirty, right?  Kind of like a bikini wax and a blow... dry.  I dunno, when I first heard the term, I was thinking of a combination vagazzle and spikes with sparkly things on them.  Mais non, my dirty-minded friends; it is a keratin treatment for the hair (on your head). 

When Style was here, she mentioned she had just had it done at Flex's salon and she loved it.  She said when she first got it done, her hair was almost China straight.  Hers looked fantastic.

I had mine done by Ashlee at Strands in Fanar.  It is supposed to last about 3 months and leaves your hair smooth, fizz-free without chemicals.  It improves the health of your hair too and I noticed the difference immediately. 

The kind that Strands uses is lighter than some of the other keratin treatments out there and still allows your hair to have some wave.  Mine is much straighter than it was before.  I would recommend it if you have damaged hair or just plain crazy hair that you can't do anything with.


Expat and the City said...

We want pics! ;P I was just talking to a lady on AJ that had the Brazilian Blowout at Strands. She looks amazing and I bet you do as well. I'm going next cause my hair goes kind of crazy during the Kuwaiti summer.

Anonymous said...

i prefer bald head.

Nikki said...

Sounds awesome! How much did it cost?

Anonymous said...

how much did you get it done for if you don't mind me asking? and was it formaldehyde free the brand she used?

Baroon said...

I like my hair as it is. Soft and little curly. But how can I make it shine?
I see all girls in street with great shiny hair and wonder how they pull it off. I keep going to salons that I read good review and buy product and keep asking them " will this make my hair shine" ? and end up with no result.
currently, I am using Lable.m shampoo and conditioner. I went to Toni & Guy and spoke with Jenna. one month later my hair still dead !! I tried olive oil and other products, still no result.
my hair is virgin. no color and no damage. do you have any recommendation ?
I desperately want shinny hair.

Desert Girl said...

It costs 100KD.

Expat - you should go do it! I think I'm going to do it again before I go to the US. My hair goes apeshit every time in the humid DC summer.

Anonymous 12:42 - Yeah, bald is really sexy on women.... (huh?)

Baroon - For shiny hair, try L'Oreal Professonnel line's Solar Sublime shampoo and conditioner. My sister used it and I was like, "What DID you do to your hair?" (in a good way!) I have been using it and it really gives you a lot of shine. The line also protects your hair from sun damage. Strands in Fanar has it. I haven't seen it anywhere else, but I'm sure its around.

I think Label M sucks. I spent 10kd and ... I ended up with a greazy head. Hey, could you get Jenna away from a mirror long enough to talk to you?! Kudos.

Also, you should go to get regular "hamam zeit" treatments (they put oil under your hair and sit you under the steamer for about an hour). That's available at any cheap salon (like Oriental Princess) for around 4kd. My Kuwaiti girlfriend swears by mayonaise also; leaves it on her head once a week in the evening.

Oh AND vitamins; pop biotin (at least 5000mg), and omegas. I notice the difference and it makes your nails grow.

I dunno it the Brazilian Blowout was formaldehyde free, but they told me it is 100% natural. I'm allergic to formaldehyde, so I think I would have found out. (My fingernails fall off, for example, if I use polish with formaldehyde resin. It aint purty.)

Anonymous said...

Do not ever think of going to the Trims Salon in Salwa. A woman named Nada gave me the worst hair cut ever. I've been crying the entire day. Any tips on how to grow your hair faster...

Baroon said...

DG. I really appreciate your answer and will follow all your recommendations. first of all will run and get my self that L’Oreal .
I paid KD 26 (13 each) for Lable. M shampoo and conditioner and I wish I didn’t.
I tried Clinic hair mask and didn’t get what I wanted . Also, Olive oil and maio which gave me greasy look instead of shinny and only was able to remove the greasy feel after 2 weeks and 10showers !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Baron,

Try organic argan oil, just a few drops on newly washed hair. It really works for my daughters who have your type of hair.
Buy the one for cosmetic purposes, not cooking.

katwoman said...

A couple of times I got these Cellophane treatments at this lil salon in Mangaf (Sheikha II Bldg behind and to the left of Rosa Castle). Not even sure if it is there anymore since I just moved back to KWT but left my hair ridiculously shiny for about 2-3months. It comes in different colors (BRN/BLND) or clear. It seals over your hair color doesn't change it but enhances it. The color comes off a bit on your finger nails and pillow, I went with the clear after that. Anyways its about 10kd last I checked (3 years ago).

I'm going to go back and see if there still there...I couldn't even find that stuff in the states.

Anonymous said...

I got a Brazilian blow-dry at Sloanes Salon. My hair has been shiny and smooth for weeks. Love it! Love it! Love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I have been thinking about doing a Keratin treatment, however I want to be sure that I choose the best treatment for me and a great salon. Has anyone tried the Loreal Extenso treatment , I know soho do it, but has anyone tried it? I figure it would be a safe choice. Advice please!!
This is a huge step to take.