Thursday, April 21, 2011

Underwear hoisted on flagpole in girls school

This is the kind of shet that makes news in Kuwait.  BFD.

Underwear hoisted on flagpole in girls school
KUWAIT CITY, April 20: The State Security men and police are looking for an unidentified person who allegedly sneaked into the Al-Jazaer High School for Girls in Shamiya, removed the Kuwaiti flag from the post and in its place hoisted his underwear, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a knowledgeable security source.  According to security sources a similar incident was reported from the same school four months ago.

oooooooooo - maybe the criminal is still running rampant (without underwear) throughout Kuwait.... oooooo.  Obviously, this is a kid who has gone to school in the States.  I would even argue that he has above-average intelligence.  Potentially a future billionnaire. 

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Abdullah Q. said...

Al Jazaer High School is known for having a "Notorious" reputation with stunts being played on them from guys climbing the fence and doing these kinds of things.
Notorious being a key word for the newspapers loool