Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I found the song from 1990

OMG, I hadn't heard the song in 20 years and the minute I did, I was in tears and back there in 1990/91, worrying about the fate of my friends and feeling helpless again.   I don't know if you can access it or not from here (might need to register a password), but someone has uploaded almost an entire (then-cassette) of Kuwaiti national songs that people were distributing during the Occupation.  I had the tape and lost it.  I played it a million times during those months.

And yes, you readers were correct:  it is Abdullah Ruwaished and not Nabil Shuwail.  :)

The link is HERE on Dewaniya.com.  The song is Jerrait 9oty B2alam.

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