Tuesday, April 19, 2011

WTF is going on?


Arab Times
19 April 2011
Niece molested: The Hawalli police have arrested an unidentified person for allegedly molesting one niece and shooting at the other, reports Al-Rai daily.  A police source said the man molested his niece inside his home in Rumaithiya and when her sister criticized him for his dirty act and threatened to file a complaint against him, he reportedly shot at her in front of the Rumaithiya Police Station and escaped.  When the victim’s mother filed a complaint with the Salwa Police Station the man was arrested at an unidentified location. At the time of the arrest he was still in possession of the gun.


He could have any woman he wants for 2KD and a shawarma in Hasawi.  WTF.  And shooting the other niece - in front of the police station?  What UP?

I've been hearing a lot of weird sex stories around Kuwait lately - and not instigated by foreigners.  My American friend and her husband were propositioned by a seemingly "religious" couple in their building for a little swapping activity (the wife wears niqab). I don't think my friends fully understood what had happened until later - cause they just couldn't believe it.   A Kuwaiti male friend was propositioned by another Kuwaiti man recently who wanted frienddude to have sex with his wife while he watched.  WTF is going on in this country?  I'm not prudish by any means, but hey - there are limits.


Anonymous said...

i once saw a man was caught by police in parking lot for having sex with a female dog.lolz ii wonder how did they arrested him.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:13 - were you close enough to establish that the dog was female? Apparently, to some, a hole is a hole is a hole....

Anonymous said...

i forgot to mention that i saw it as a crime in news paper.

Anonymous said...

We were at a park a few years ago and a bearded and nikab couple went into the bushes, so we couldn't resist. We went over and peeked inside, he was doing the religious part of removing her nikab. So we giggled loudly. We had 2 little kids with us, other wise we would of been all over them. A few minutes later, when the call for prayer sounded at the mosque 20 feet away, they came out of the bushes and he waddled to the mosque in a hurry, can't be late for prayers! Haram!