Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hey baby do you want some fries to go with that shake?

The little shit thought he could just cop a feel and get away with it - perhapsee foreign women are "used to it?"   Glad they caught him.

Arab Times, 14 April, 2011
Woman molested: Police have arrested a Kuwaiti youth for molesting an American woman while the latter was ordering meals at a fast food restaurant in Sabah Al-Salem, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily. The youth allegedly approached the woman and began flirting with her. When she ignored his advances he reportedly touched her breasts and escaped.  The woman called the Operations Department of the Ministry of Interior and police rushed to the spot and arrested the suspect.


Anonymous said...

man, ministry should keep these young cops busy otherwise devils will make them do these kind of things.

Expat and the City said...

Looool, look at my last post.

Anonymous said...

I live in the states and for your woman here is used to being groped in public by a stranger!
I also lived in Kuwait and felt so uncomfortable from being stared at and disrespected in a sexual way because many there believe American girls are "sluts". We are more open here but we also or most of us, Do respect ourselves.
In fact, I had a Kuwaiti girl come back here to the states that went absolutely nuts with the men but once back home it was all innocent again.

Careful to not stereotype others by what you watch on TV, read or here.

Desert Girl said...

Really, anonymous, 9:35? No shit.

For your information - I'm AMERICAN. The article clearly states that the man who groped (also known as "molested") the woman was ARRESTED - and IN KUWAIT (because it is against the law).

Yes, some people mistakely believe that foreign women are "easy". Some other people also believe that America is all about cowboys and Indians or rap videos. But hey - a hell of a lot of Americans believe that Kuwaitis live in tents and raise camels with their own private oil wells out back. Ignorance can be found everywhere.

I'm sure there are sluts everwhere (male and female). No big deal, is it? How can you ask others not to sterotype and then bring one out yourself... what is your point about the Kuwaiti girl? Who cares? Why the judgement? Live and let live. Why is it better for you to cast judgement and not others? You are falling into the same category as those who make prejudice judgements of Americans. It isn't a "who is better than whom" argument. It is a non-issue.

As for the staring - I think it is cultural. People stare - it's what they do in this part of the world. They stare at men, women, children - they stare. You get used to it. When The Man and I used to talk into a room together, people would turn around and stare. Do you think they were sizing us up sexually? I don't. I think it was because we are a cute couple (or maybe not - who cares?)

Dayam - lighten up.

deQor8 said...

haha .. some of these Q80 guys have some big balls ... go around grabbin girls in public, kidnapping them, etc. hate to say it but school segregation is part of the cause .. they just don't know how to act around females