Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ethiopian Domestic Does A Lorena Bobbitt On Abusive Employer

Thanks, Kman, for sending me this fascinating little story. 

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates - An Ethiopian maid struck back at her allegedly abusive employer in Dubai, slicing off the Emirati man's penis in response to harassment, the 7DAYS daily on Wednesday quoted the emirate's police as saying.

Police responded to a call from the man and "found him bleeding badly. His housemaid had chopped off his private parts using a knife", 7DAYS quoted a Dubai police official as saying of the attack on Monday.

"She claimed the man used to abuse and harass her. On the day of the incident, she claims he asked her to give him a massage. She got angry, went to the kitchen to get a knife and attacked him," the official said.

The maid has been charged with assault, the paper said, while the Emirati man is recovering in hospital. It was not clear if his severed member had been re-attached.

The UAE and other Gulf countries have come in for repeated criticism from human rights groups over their treatment of millions of foreign workers, mostly Asians.

Rights groups and activists have reported various cases of employers torturing maids in neighbouring Saudi Arabia
The watchdogs have also sharply criticised the sponsorship system, still in force in most Gulf states, by which workers must be sponsored by their employer and which has been likened to modern-day slavery.


Don't mess with an Ethiopian woman. The outcome is never good.  Them girls don't play.



Anonymous said...

lolz .this is hilarious

Expat and the City said...

No, they don't. Ouch!

Desert Girl said...

Why do these girls keep the offensive member around? I don't get it. If you are going to do it; do it right: Food processor, meat grinder, microwave... GET ER DONE.

Anonymous said...

if she had missed, it would have been a minor crime

Anonymous said...

she could have mailed it to this museum in iceland

Anonymous said...

butchers knife,its very sharp an can cut that sausage in one strike.

Anonymous said...

The mistaweiner is cracking me up. How exactly was the offending member out and ready to begin with? ;b Explain that one for the record, please? soupprincess

Anonymous said...

ahaha but should be "misdaweiner" (missed-a-weiner).. hilarious!

Anonymous said...

A few years ago I read an article about how the doctors in Thailand were becoming experts in reattaching the holy Penus. So the women there wisedup and instead of one fell swoop they now dice and slice Benihana style to make it complete.