Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Government Fails to Deliver on Promises to Bedoon AGAIN (gee, what a surprise....)

... you might remember right before the National/Liberation holidays (when Bedoon were demonstrating in Kuwait) that the government promised to give more rights to Bedoon people - and to naturalize some. 

Well, they're at it again.... promises promises.  What a surprise.  It has only been going on for 50 years....  STOP talking, START acting, Kuwait!  They always talk about any OTHER issue "instead". 

I'm disgusted.  This is such a national disgrace.

Assembly votes against debating bedoons law

Published Date: March 09, 2011
By B Izzak, Staff Writer, Kuwait Times
KUWAIT: The National Assembly yesterday failed to debate a draft law stipulating civil rights for bedoons or stateless Arabs as the government and a group of MPs opposed to bedoons voted against the debate. The discussion witnessed strong exchanges between MPs Adel Al-Saraawi and Askar Al-Enezi over the issue, with Saraawi and MP Abdullah Al-Roumi strongly protesting at the idea of debating bedoon rights ahead of Kuwaiti issues.

Is it logical that now the rights of foreigners in Kuwait are more important than that of Kuwaitis," shouted Roumi, who strongly opposed giving priority to debating the bedoons draft law. Saraawi also said that the issue can wait and it was more necessary to discuss issues related to Kuwaiti people. Following exchanges, speaker Jassem Al-Khorafi adjourned the session for 15 minutes. When the session resumed, the Assembly rejected the debate by 30 votes against 18 in favour.

Pro-bedoon MPs wanted to pass the law to make it mandatory for the government to provide about 100,000 bedoon basic rights they had been deprived of for the past decade. The government said it will provide those rights in executive decisions rather than a law. It was not immediately known if MPs will succeed in making the Assembly debate the draft law today or not.

Instead, the assembly debated the issue of unemployed Kuwaitis and called on the government to adopt new strategies to find jobs for more Kuwaiti youths who are expected to enter the labour market. ….

Bedoun file put on back burner
Arab Times
Kuwait City, March. 8:  
… Members of Parliament voted against discussions on the case of stateless (Bedoun) residents during the first parliamentary session after a month long-break and the case of Kuwaiti unemployment was reviewed instead. However, the session was adjourned before voting on recommendations to curb the national unemployment rate, due to lack of quorum, and the vote is expected to take place on Wednesday. 

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Unknown said...

Disgraceful!! I hope the bedoons bust out in a riot and attract more international attention; the government only cared about the surface--making things look pretty---during the celebrations, and when hoting international dignataries. Q8 government clearly doesnt give a toss abut these people, many of whom fought for this country during the invasion. Haram.