Monday, March 14, 2011

Too good not to repeat

From Expat in the City (too good not to post).

Kuwaiti woman blackmails men with their nude pictures
Arab Times
KUWAIT CITY, March 13:

An unidentified young Kuwaiti woman is being interrogated for involvement in blackmailing public figures including some Members of Parliament and their immediate relatives, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting security sources.

According to reports the woman would lure her ‘victims’ to her apartment in Salmiya and then take their pictures when they were nude.

Security sources say police were tipped off about the dirty game played by the woman and most of them refused to file complaints against the woman for fear of getting involved in a scandal. Police acting on information allegedly set a trap for the woman and caught her red-handed.

They have also seized from her CDs depicting well-known personalities in compromising positions.

... when your 1000KD gift is just not enough...

I wonder if they'll turn up on the internet...
I wonder if my "favorite" MP is in there....
For once I approve of the use of apostrophes in the paper (they usually drive me crazy, but in this case, I don't think a victim is really a victim)
How difficult was it to 'lure' them?  ("Come upstairs and see my pretty pigeon...")



Anonymous said...

lolz,this is something terribly funny.

zahrah said...

this really made my day lol this can happen only in kwt