Sunday, March 20, 2011

Kuwait Marriage & Divorce Statistics

Report reveals increase in Kuwaiti men marrying non-Kuwait women
Additional information shows that 35% of marriages end in divorce
Sunday,20 March 2011
By:  Rashed Al-Eid

KUWAIT: A recent official report has shown that 14.2 percent of Kuwaitis have married non-Kuwaiti women, mainly other Arab nationals, according to marriage contracts signed over the past five years. Reportedly, 85.8 percent of spouses are Kuwaiti.

Overall, the report has shown that divorce rate is estimated at 35 percent among Kuwaitis and 38.5 percent among Kuwaitis married to non-Kuwaiti women.On the other hand, the report has indicated that about 2,798 Kuwait women married to non-Kuwaitis.

Regarding divorce, it has been reported that 17,810 cases of divorce have been registered over the past five years, including 15,042 involving non-Kuwaiti wives. Divorces also involved 2,173 Arab nationals married to Kuwaiti men, 424 Asians, 28 Africans, 53 Europeans and 83 Americans.
The report, which was issued by the Central Department for Statistics, headed by Dr. Abdullah Sahar, the number of marriage contracts for Kuwaitis in the years 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 is estimated at 50,753 including 43, 571 for those married Kuwaiti women against 7,182 for those who married non-Kuwaitis. Kuwaitis, according to the report, have married 5,816 Arab nationals, 1,004 Asians, 66 Africans, 113 Europeans, 153 Americans and 6 other nationalities.

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