Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bedoons plan rallies after Friday prayers

Bedoons plan rallies after Friday prayers
Published Date: March 10, 2011
Kuwait Times By A. Saleh, Staff Writer

KUWAIT: SMS messages, as well as posts on Twitter and Facebook are reportedly being used to urge bedoon (stateless) people in Kuwait to hold protests in Jahra, Sulaibiya and Ahmadi after this week's Friday prayers to protest against the parliament's failure to pass a recent government bill which would have seen them finally being accorded basic rights.

What's happening now are simply unacceptable delays and deferrals," said a number of the messages, with an informed source explaining that the calls for protest this week came after similar protests planned for last Friday were called off after the government put forward the bill which would see Kuwait's bedoon people finally attaining basic civil rights.

MPs Musallam Al-Barrak, Faisal Al-Mislem and Jamaan Al-Harbish have reportedly held meetings with a number of bedoon representatives in an attempt to defuse tensions, said the insider, adding that a female bedoon activist, Safiyya Khaz'al, is responsible for many of the SMS and online messages.  (GOOD for her!!!)
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I wish I was brave enough to go demonstrate with them because this is a cause that I whole-heartedly believe in.  Maybe they would get more international attention if a few Westerners showed up with placards.  The embassies continue to send out warnings advising citizens to stay away from the demonstrations, but it would only take a few political activists to get the ball rolling (and then those could spend time in the deportation center... and then get sent back to home countries.. but...)


Anonymous said...

Beduoons were the nomads, correct me if i am wrong ,who used to move around in the Arab region before the formation of Arab nations,once these boundaries were made these people get trapped in, i hope this rally forces the government to do more than Wat they just promised.

Anonymous said...

Insh'Allah, one day, they will permit my visitation without the need of confiscating my passport. And to excuse my grandfathers illiteracy.

Stan said...

I don't think they can just grant these Bedoons Kuwaiti rights and citizenship. It's just not fair.

Anybody could just go stand in with those Bedoons, throw away their passports and demand to be given a Kuwaiti Citizenship. I bet more than 50 % of those people would be Iraqi's.

Desert Girl said...

uuuuh, Stan... I don't think their plan is to "just grant these Bedoons Kuwaiti rights and citizenship."

For one thing, the government mandated DNA testing for all Bedoons and I think they have a pretty good idea who is who.

Now, after 50 years, they say that there is a "list" of Iraqi nationals? Wow. Where has this list been hiding all these years?

Realistically, I hope they give rights to those who do QUALIFY.

And my friend - Do not judge lest ye be judged.

Desert Girl said...

I heard that a few western activists were at the demonstrations. GREAT! Keep up the good work.

Desert Girl said...

Is freedom of speech limited only to those who want to express their desires to have their debts cancelled or is anyone allowed to demonstrate? The Bedoon have 50 years of something to say.

I applaud Refugees International as well as a German (I think) journalist for attending(and I'm going to stop calling them "demonstrations" and start calling them "rallies").

I am going to stop allowing comments on the bedoon posts as there are so many people out there who are truly full of hate. I would recommend that you take a look at your own heritage before you start judging entire communities. Forgive me if I am wrong, but isn't that prejudice?

My blog. My perspective. Start your own if you don't like mine.

Disclaimer: NOTHING about the Bedoon is new to the news. I am only re-printing what has been published either in Kuwaiti or international news.