Thursday, March 10, 2011

When your paths finally cross again

Last night, I went with The Romanian to visit an longtime dear friend who we hadn't seen in years.  I ran into him and his wife at the embassy party a few weeks ago.  He was so happy to see me that he went to hug me before realizing where he was. His wife knows me so that wouldn't have been a worry.  I wouldn't have cared.  I generally don't; I'm confident and I don't care what people think,  but then I'm not in the public spotlight and he IS

Lots of controversy surrounding this dear friend these days and maybe he needed to talk about something else for a while.

Sometimes you lose track of your friends in Kuwait - even though it is very small.  You have busy lives and you just let too much time pass.  Before you know it, months have turned into years and you haven't seen them and then you are just occasionally waving hello from across some big hall and both your phone numbers have changed and you have no idea when the next time is your paths will cross.

Our paths crossed and it was NICE.  What was supposed to be a brief dinner turned into six hours of laughter and good conversation.  I had a great time and so did The Romanian.  Perfect night; perfect company; perfect atmosphere.

I'm dead tired today at work and I am going to have a very busy weekend, but it was so worth it.

We're meeting up with another group of friends tonight, barbecuing in Kabd tomorrow (advance shout out to Special K) with another another group and all our dogs, and partying later in B'naider.  I hope I'm awake and alive enough to do the work I have to take care of on Saturday.  I love being busy and happy.

What a great time of the year.  There is so much going on before it gets "holy-shit-it's-hot" again.

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Anonymous said...

sometimes i feel life in Kuwait is so silent,and the silence makes it its a great time for chilling outside,the weather is perfect,and its spring too.dont forget to take something to protecet ur self frm rain,it will just start any time without any signs.anyways have a nice weekend