Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trippin with Style

I met one of the most stylish women a few weeks ago when The Romanian and I went to visit our interesting lawyer friend -  and I really like her.  She has been here in Kuwait working on a project for the past few months and I really wish I had met her before as she's leaving Kuwait today.  I'm just going to call her "Style".  She has great fashion sense and love her make-up and hair (she couldn't get an appointment with the fancy stylist who is renouned for great bob styles, so she went to a Sri Lankan around the corner in Salmiya and OMG - one of the best haircuts I have seen!).  She is the kind of woman you might see walking down the street in Paris, but seldom see in Kuwait.  Usually, that kind of girl comes with an attitude, but not Style.  The Romanian, our Bitch Barometer,  normally has a hard time warming up to people (she can sense a bitchy attitude from a distance of about 20 miles and then takes evasive maneuvers), but she liked Style immediately and I was very happy to see it.  They're both from Romania, but quite different people.  I think that Style is more of a child of the globe (as she says, she hasn't spent much time in Romania in the past several years.)

Within a few months, Style managed to glean a LOT of information about Kuwait:  People, culture, politics, etc.  - much more than many people I know who have lived/worked here for years. It was surprising and refreshing at the same time.  She asks a lot of sincere questions without any agenda and does it in such an exuberant way that you want to tell her more.  I'm surprised that The Romanian opened up to her so much in such a short period of time.  (In the 13 years that I have known her, I think this is a first.)

The Romanian and I took her to shop for gold last night.  We met at the Sheraton and had some giggles over coffee in the hotel lobby.  The Sheraton lobby is always good for people watching (and having people watch us).  Then we went to the always-smelly Souq Watiya to shop for gold.  Although they have the very best gold prices in town, the place smells like a combination of armpit, samoosa, and cigarette.  I can only stand it for so long.  There used to be the best little samoosa stand in town in the middle of the mall, but it is gone now, replaced by equally-as-smelly popcorn.

We decided to try Mubarakia after not having much luck at Smelly Souq Watiya.  We stopped first at my very favorite place, Malik Saj ("King of Saj") in the corner behind the mosque.  I love it there and they have the best hameesa in town.  The 3 of us ate 2 plates of shrimp hameesa, 2 plates of mixed grill, 3 salads, 3 drinks, tea and desert and it cost just over 10KD.

Style ended up buying a ring; a small reminder of her trip to Kuwait.

Last weekend, we hung out with Spanx, Butterfly, Slaperella and Style; going to Muhallab in the Palms for lunch and then to P2BK to walk off the seafood lunch. We are known at Muhallab for being a rowdy table of girls, but we were a little OTT this past weekend. The whole Team Girl loves Style and we are really going to miss her a lot.

Style, you have family here now and anytime you want to come back, we will welcome you with open arms.  Have a safe trip my friend and thank you for gracing us all with your positivity.


Anonymous said...

Hee hee really...romanians are lovely people,i m one of them :))

Butterfly on the Wall said...

I agree... Style is a true gem ;-)
And you are too Desert Diva!

Style said...

…and indeed, it is fantastic to feel you are part of “the family”, especially when the family is so spicy, witty, colorful, loving and generous.

Great to know you Desert Girl, to spend time with you and the gang! Such a moment of sharing and caring; alas another wonderful confirmation of my biggest hope: yes, we can! As long as we think with our heart, there is hope. Hope to have amazing encounters; hope to live every day’s magic and be able to make of tomorrow a better day!

The story of our encounter reminds me of a childish fantasy that still makes me smile: inspired by Captain Planet, mixed with Charlie’s Angels, and spiced with a feminist twist, I dreamed of this tribe of “Super Girls”, living around the world, with their different origins & dreams, styles& talents, ventures&adventures…but all sharing the sparkle of life, hope and change (for the better, of course ;). Whenever they would meet it would only take them seconds to recognize themselves: a look, a smile, and a super-girls-connect and they would get into the groove…And of course, every time there would be one more sacred cause to defend and fight for…:)

I carry you in my heart, and I do hope we will get together soon.

Till then for a Super Girl, celebrating her 29th Bday verrryyyy soooonnnn, one of my classical favorites:

Tomorrow is your turn!!!