Tuesday, March 08, 2011

International Women's Day

What a F'ed up day to pick for this!  I like the last paragraph....

Arab Times
Hayef slams bid to halt modest dress codes for female students
Islamist MP faults PM, education minister
KUWAIT CITY, March 7: Islamist MP, Mohammed Hayef, condemned liberal powers on Monday for attempting to halt the enforcement of modest dress code regulations on female students at Kuwait University (KU) and the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET).

Speaking at a press conference, Hayef said that these regulations were created “after the appearance of negative phenomena in Kuwaiti society”, pertaining to Kuwaiti women’s manner of clothing. He added that the proposed regulation did not even fully abide by the Islamic dress code as it only provided regulations for women to cover their ankles and wear long sleeves.

“Professors of the ethics committee should seek to maintain the Islamic identity through modest dress codes as well as prevent excessive make-up that have no place in an educational environment,” the MP advised. Furthermore, Hayef held His Highness the Prime Minister, Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammed Al-Sabah, responsible as well as the Minister of Education, Dr Moudhi Al-Humoud. He accused them of attempting to create conflict between various political blocs to escape legislative pressure on reforms.

The Islamist MP noted that the principles of Islamic Sharia were not enforced within the National Assembly because liberals have been following the government’s ways.

“The government has been creating confusion on Islamic identity in order to undermine the status of the legislative authority and escape the people’s demands to dissolve the Cabinet and remove its prime minister,” Hayef concluded.

Meanwhile, MPs Dr Salwa Al-Jassar, Aseel Al-Awadhi and Rola Dashti congratulated women around the world on the occasion of International Women’s Day, which is commemorated on March 8.


Tareq said...

When I heard about the dress code applied to K.U. students, I felt that this country is going for the worse. I believe that a student should have the right to wear what he/she wants and that in act of studying a person wants to be at comfort and not with conflicting rules about dress code. I also am against the segregation in K.U. but that is a whole another subject. overall, I am concerned the liberal voices in Kuwait are not being heard.

One another note, I believe that Aseel Al-Awadhi and Rola Dashti are one of the bests MP's in the Parliament and they always try their best to pass laws and policies for a better kuwait, especially with equality issues between men and women in Kuwait. I feel that this is a major thing, in order for the country to advance.

Anonymous said...

lolz, i will be busy these days

Nataruma said...

What? Hey, 'little Saudi' is in the making. This is extremely disturbing, and I hope the female student body do all they can to oppose such blatant misogyny.

Blondie said...

haha wow, i like the last paragraph too.