Thursday, March 03, 2011

Henna Salon

I'm not really into henna, but I am going to have it done for an upcoming Association of the US Army side event, the Kuwaiti Souq.  I found this henna salon and I thought I would pass the info along to y'alls.

It is quite a large salon.  They do both hands and feet/legs.  Average price for hands is 5kd per side (so back of hand and palm would be 10kd).  They also do mani/pedis.

They do black and red henna.  Almost all the women I saw there were having black henna done. They also have designs on the wall that you can choose from.  Check out the Madonna-glove-style!  A young lady offered to let me take a photo of her hand and said, "This is the new style..."  I'm like, 'Uh... sorry... but you are probably not old enough to remember when Madonna set this style back on her Like a Virgin Tour' (oops, showing my age again...)  Look how intricate these designs are.  Wow.

The salon is located on the same street as Edo and Villa Fairuz (opposite side of the street in Abha buildings).  From 30/Fahaheel Expressway, it is the 2nd entrance into Shaab (and from the 2nd entrance on the service road - the 2nd entrance).  On the Gulf Road, it is opposite from Johnny Carino's.


Expat and the City said...

I love it! Thanks for the tip. I want to have done in black on my *beep*

Desert Girl said...

Well, if some ladies are bleaching their *beep* then others can tan their *beep*. Maybe you could henna AND vagazzle. LOOL.

eliza.e.campbell said...


I'm an American college student researching the status of women in Kuwait. I was wondering if you had run across any institutions that deal with women's rights there, or customs in the country that you've noticed, please feel free to email me. Thanks so much!