Wednesday, April 16, 2014

PetZone: Leading the way for others to follow

I wrote a post about PetZone back in 2010 when they first opened (LINK HERE).  The guys contacted me shortly after my review and I really wanted to go back and talk more to them.  Like so many things I want to do, I didn't find the time and just let it slip - I shouldn't have.

PetZone was the first pet /pet supply store to open on the street in Rai.  Now there are a variety of other pet stores along the street and around Kuwait.   PetZone was started by a couple of Kuwaiti friends who had been students in the US.  When they returned to Kuwait, they opened a small store and now it has become the largest in Kuwait. It is awesome, animal-friendly, and up to Western quality standards.

Last night, I had to go buy Mikey mo' dogfood.  Several people have recommended Royal Canine and I heard I could buy it at PetZone (turns out he LOVES the stuff and almost chew through my arm to get to it).  I hadn't been to the new, larger shop they have so it was a good opportunity to visit.

I had to park down the street because there were so many cars parked in front of PetZone.  Other pet shops have opened on the same street block (WHY do people in this country DO that?  Every type of similar store gravitates to the other.  Alas, imitation is the highest form of flattery.)  I had to pass another pet store with a mini-horse, tethered, in a very small enclosure (albeit it did have food and water, but it is still a HORSE and should not be in a cage). It was upsetting, even though it appeared to be in good health (as did the number of dogs they had - including a beautiful long-haired GS puppy).   The little horse made me sad, so I passed it and went down to PetZone.

I am really proud of what young Kuwaiti entrepreneurs are accomplishing.   When I talked to one of the owners (Either Fahad or Fawaz Al-Ajmi - I'm terrible with names,  but  super nice guy!)  in 2010, he mentioned that people thought he was kind of crazy for wanting to open up a pet store, but OMG he proved them wrong!   These men dared to open something that had a niche* market and develop it into something wonderful for all pet lovers in Kuwait.  What an accomplishment!

The people working at the store have an obvious love for animals and people brought their pets in freely (like you can do at PetSmart in the US).  One very large man walked in with a horribly under-nourished Pitbull puppy.  3 of us in the store (maybe more, but we were the ones I was aware of) said something to him about it.  "Buy him some FOOD!"   The Kuwaiti woman working at the counter was visibly upset by it (one of the 3 of us who said something to him).  Although it was a sad display, it revealed the level of compassion that the store has for pets in Kuwait and I found it admirable.

If you haven't been out there to visit yet, GO!  They have all kinds of toys, food, grooming and training gadgets, (several items that I didn't think I could find in Kuwait, but they had!)  and small pets for sale (in humane, clean, and well-ventilated enclosures).  PetZone even has an online shopping site (which I haven't checked out yet - as the store is just still too fun to visit!).    They have an enormous grooming center; walk-in/no appointments.   I will have to leave Mike in the car and call (as he just goes apeshit around other dogs) Cost for big Mike's grooming:  12KD.  Saves me from having my body scratched all over by trying to get him in the shower.

I left feeling all happy (and thankful that they had a nice man to carry the 15k bag of dog food to my car for me!)

Note:  That for those of you wishing to import a pet to Kuwait (or export a pet from Kuwait) - questions that I am frequently asked through the blog -  they offer this service.  Check out their website.  You can also order puppies for import through PetZone.

Sidebar:  With shops like this, WHY is the Friday Market still allowed to sell animals?  Shut it down!  Make it illegal.

* Niche = English word.  Not Arabic word.  Perverts!


Anonymous said...

"Niche = English word. Not Arabic word. Perverts!" hahahahahahaaha your Hilarious that was funny.

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 12:51 - I love it that THAT was the ONLY thing you got out of the post! LOOOL! :) My kind of people!

Anonymous said...


From reading your blog I know that you have 2 dogs & there is someone on instagram selling locally made high end dog houses (sandwich paneled walls, air conditioning, ventilation, windows, etc...) worth checking out, I saw one yesterday evening at a friend's house. it housed 2 dogs very comfortably. I saw the picture on @everythingkuwait on instagram and on the account the dog house was a recent picture (maybe one of the first 10 pictures when you view the @everythingkuwait account

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:14 - Oh WOW! I just checked it out. Looks like a great idea. I will most likely post about it. THANKS!

Kathy Travis said...

Excellent article and as usual, it had your humor in it. In Louisville, KY we have a car lot, fast food restaurant, and mattress store on every corner. LOL I am glad Mikey loves the food-after aLL isn't every dog ROYALTY? Example: During the NCAA Basketball Tourney, I promised sweet Chelsea I would get her a Louisville Cardinals collar. Well, the Louisville Cardinals men's basketball team lost so I found this darling pink collar at Kroger-thinking I would trick her. Notice my pics on Facebook-SHE HATES the collar and made me feel so guilty I went and got the Louisville Cardinals collar. I guess now she will want Coach Rick Pitino and all the players to sign it. LOL Maybe I should have had it customized to Thank God I am a Louisville Cardinal dog--it is hilarious because she refuses to even watch the University of Kentucky-she turns her head. Of course, she does watch the Georgia Bulldogs, after all-they are THE DAWGS:)

Anonymous said...

Minor correction they still only have one branch ( 1 location ) .

My husband and I are proud owners of a bunny ( Bun Bun )and a cat(Tuk Tuk) , it's never been a problem finding cat things for Tuk Tuk but it's been hell finding things for bun bun till I was introduced to Petzone let me tell you Bun Bun is very happy and spoiled now .
I also love how they have educated people about rabbits and how to take care of a rabbit on their instagram page , Sadly people do not know alot about rabbits even vets here do not treat them :( as you can tell I am a bunny lover

Desert Girl said...

Anonymous 1:35 - You are correct, but read it in the wrong context. when I said, "Now there are several." I was referring to several other pet stores (not PetZone) along the same street. :) But thanks for pointing it out and I made an adjustment. That is the beauty of life; everybody sees things from different perspectives, right?