Sunday, December 05, 2010

There is finally a REAL pet shop in Kuwait! PetZone

There is a new pet store in Rai.  I noticed it the other day on the way back from the HAvenues.  It's on the little road between True Value/Subway and 60/Ghazali on the right.

I stopped in to check them out and spoke to the French vet, Dr. Mohammed, who took time to show me around and tell me how the shop came about.  He said that he was hired to work for two young, forward-thinking Kuwaiti men who wanted to create a pet store in Kuwait with international standards. He said that he wouldn't have come to work at Pet Zone if it hadn't been done right.   They designed the shop for comfort of the pets and the pet food (like Eukanuba for example) is all internationally certified.  It's a very nice place.  I liked what I saw.  They have a spacious cattery (behind glass so people can't disturb or infect cats) and large cages for birds.  They've got a fish section, a rodent section, a plant section, a bird section.  They will also offer on-site grooming services.

Dr. Mohammed said that they will become involved in educating the public on pets and pet care.  The shop also sells posters of various types of animals - helping to show young people different species.

I don't know who you two Kuwaiti men are, but you have the Official Desert Girl Seal of Approval.  Way to make a difference in your country, my friends!

Here are some pics.


Unknown said...

Wow, finally! this place looks really very modern. About time to have a nice place for pets. My congrats to these 2 kuwaiti men!

Maybe it can be the example for the ministry to see how a pet shop should function and help change the friday market one a bit, for the sake of the animals.

thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

do they have any doggy toys?

Desert Girl said...

Yes they do have doggy and cat toys. It's the real deal - full service shop.

Rawan said...

WOOOW !! Sounds great ,, can't wait to visit !

LWDLIK said...

Fab must go take a look when they're open.

Anonymous said...

Do they have snakes? or will the bring any in the future? I NEED A SNAKE xD

Anonymous said...

When do they open? I am looking for a cat and can't find a good place. Thanks.

Unknown said...

hello, does anyone have their number?