Sunday, December 05, 2010

Association of the US Army

Regardless of what  your political views are, this is just a good way to help a few soldiers feel more comfortable, away from home and their families.  Most of them are just young people.


The Association of the US Army regularly holds events in Kuwait aimed at supporting the troops through goodwill. There are several ways in which you/your company can assist (either in Kuwait or from outside):

• AUSA-K holds an annual golf tournament and banquet in March in Kuwait. Approximately 500 troops are invited to attend. This allows them to get off base (which is rare) and have a nice evening out. AUSA-K solicits companies for cash sponsorship and give-aways for the troops. A raffle is held (donated gift items) and gift bags are often given to the troops at the tables. A similar event is held at Thanksgiving and AUSA-K hold barbecues for the troops during the year.

• AUSA-K requests catering (from local restaurants) or cash donations for smaller events through the year (freedom walk, National day, etc. - please refer to the AUSA-K website for more information). We are currently seeking small gift items (marketing/promotional give-ways are always welcome) to be given away to soldiers in gift bags.

• Clothing Locker: AUSA provides civilian clothing to troops departing through Kuwait (often from Iraq) for emergency leave, so they travel in comfort (and do not have to wear their uniforms on commercial aircraft). You/your company can either make cash donations to AUSA-K (as we regularly buy clothing for the locker); or you can send clothing directly to the military. Required clothing: polo shirts with collar, khaki/cargo/or sport trousers (no slacks or dress shirts please) in various sizes.

• Kuwaiti local companies are urged to donate Kuwaiti/local gift items. The soldiers almost never get off post to see what Kuwait has to offer.

Note that donations to AUSA and its chapters are tax-deductable.
Staff of AUSA-Kuwait is not paid:  positions are staffed by volunteers.
Individual membership to AUSA-K is only 9 KD/year.

We love our sponsors! Sponsors are always recognized at AUSA events. Company/organization logos are used on AUSA placards at events.

For further information or to send donations, please contact:

Please feel free to pass this along to other individuals, companies, etc. who you feel may be interested in assisting. Visit our website for a complete listing of activities and events. (Note that locations/venues for upcoming events are not advertised for the security of the soldiers and guests.)


Desert Girl said...

It always surprises me to see how young the soldiers are. I don't mean to sound condescending, but they are just kids. And they are far from their people. I met a woman at the last AUSA event who said that her son had just been deployed to Afghanistan on his 7th tour. She was trying not to think about it, but every now and then, her eyes filled with tears.

Anonymous said...

Thank's for the good work! God Bless.

- An Old Soldier