Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Save the Shoes!

From the Arab Times today:

Women ‘friends’ in free-for-all over boyfriend in Salmiya

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 6: Two women who pulled hair, grabbed and beat each other with shoes at an unidentified location in Salmiya have filed complaints against each other at the Salmiya Police Station, reports Al-Rai daily. Both women are believed to be best friends and the fight took place when one of them saw her boyfriend romancing with her friend. Both women have submitted medical reports showing injuries on their bodies.

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I still don't get why women here don't blame the man. They always blame other women for the cheatin.  Whaaat - did the girl point a gun to his head and say, "Romance me!  Romance me."  Girlfriend puhleeze:   Beat the crap out of him and save your shoes!  Shoes are a terrible thing to waste.


Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, it's not just women "here" who don't blame the man.

PS: Happy New Year! :-)

NoOoNa said...

shoes before bros!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think it's less that the woman is to blame, as we expect better of our friends. You aren't particularly surprised when a man who's a hound starts behaving with no morals, but when your best friend betrays you to be with said hound, now that's gonna piss you off. Which is a deeper betrayal? Some random jackass you've been seeing, or your bestest of best friends who threw away your deepest trust over a swinging dick? There wouldn't be a public beat down, but I'd definitely ruin her fucking life over it.