Sunday, December 05, 2010

Baby got.... Earworms

I'm one of those people who constantly gets songs stuck in their head.  I found out from a friend recently that this is called, "Earworms".  I frickin HATE that term.  Its disgusting.  I'm a visual person; I see the picture and it grosses me out.  Anyhooo, for weeks now (no thanks to earworm friend), I have had Sir Mix-a-Lot's "Baby Got Back" stuck in my head.  Either he or I will start singing it at work.  Sometimes, we'll be around someone who doesn't speak much eeengliss and he'll look at me (straight-faced) and quote the lyrics in a manner that would make it appear that we were discussing work.  

...and I crack up.

So, this has been going on for weeks and weeks now.  We have turned other people on to the song.  Once you hear it, it is kind of hard to let go of. 

Over the weekend, I was with The Man and we were doing nothing particularly engaging and my earworm buddy sent me an SMS, simply asking, "Do you like big butts?"

.... and I crack up.

The Man asked me what was so funny.  So, I tried to explain it to him.  'It's a rap song about big butts.' and I sing a few bars.  Him:  "That's not a song."  I'm like yeah, it is.  Him: (long pause, funny face...) "Does he like YOUR big butt?"  Me:  'Firstoff, I do not HAVE a big butt and secondly, it is really a song. Serious.' Him:  Still odd/quizical look on his face.

... and I crack up.


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