Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'll be home for Christmas....

... and I am!  I'm in Virginia. Got here yesterday morning, thanks to a very nice flight via United.  I feel like I have been here already for a long time. I've done a lot in less than 48 hours.

It snowed yesterday.  My mom tells me that it has been brutally cold, but it isn't really right now.  I had to sweep the snow off the car this morning (because my sister is making my nephew park his new Jeep inside so she can lock him in/know where he is at all times).  There's just a few inches of snow.  I saw deer today.  My sister has stopped feeding them in our yard because mice eat the grain/corn and then head inside for someplace warm to sleep... ew.

I bought my nephew a subwhoofer from Crutchfield and had to return it.  I forgot that it would invalidate the warranty - or so my sister tells me.  I think it might have more to do with teenager noise factor and distracted driving.  If you haven't shopped at Crutchfield, they've got great electronics and good prices. 

I wish someone had bought me a subwhoofer when I was a teenager and the radio in my 78 Trans Am was barely making it.  I miss that big, badass, noisy, flashy car.  It rocked.  I bought it from a current brigadier in the Kuwait Fire Brigade.  He was in his 20's then and still had all of his hair. tee hee.

So, we have 2 trees in the house (tree huggers!), one is fake and the other is real.  They both ba-gorgeous.  I am home for cwimmas and it really feels like it. 


ridwan said...

1. That is awesome that you bought your nephew a subwoofer! (why'd you have to return it?)
Also at Crutchfield they have the BEST customer support of any electronics franchise.
2. Also awesome that you had a 78 Trans Am!

Unknown said...

I'm happy for you. There's nothing like being with family for the holidays. I'm trying to work it out so I can het back to Alabama for Christmas.

silent-prince said...

what a lovely entry :)
i really loved the way you wrote ^_^
i wish you and your family a happy, lovely, funny christmas...
and also i wish that the new year is going to bring health, happiness, wealth and peace to you n your family... :)

LWDLIK said...

Have a very merry Christmas DG x

Anonymous said...


Love the stream-of-consciousness style of this morning's piece. Glad to learn that you are back home (home being the key word) and looking forward to a Merry (and apparently White) Xmas with yours. Have tons of fun, drink lots of eggnog -- and spare a wee thought for those of us stuck here for the holidays.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! To you and yours!!

Desert Girl said...

Ridwan - He just got a Jeep and my sister didn't want to add after-market product that might screw around with the car stereo system warranty. Word.

Kevrut - Sweet home Alabama :)

Silent-prince - that's so kind of you! Thank you and I wish you the same dear friend.

LWDLIK - thanks girl! You have a happy Cwimmas too.

Anonymous - Am I ever really conscious? :) tee hee. Thanks very much and merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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