Sunday, December 19, 2010

Office Christmas Party

Not mine, but my sister's..... O.M.G.

She had it at the house and all the halls were decked.  It looked bagorgeous all lit up with candles and fairy lights.  I LOVE fairy lights.  I love the houses in Kuwait where people are getting married and they light 'em all up with white lights.  My sister's got icicle lights on her railing of the back deck that look just magical in the snow.  Love it.

She put my measly 1kd per head Chinese party caterer to shame.  I had no idear.  There was a raw bar with shrimp, crab claws and oysters; fish, beef, mashed potatoes in the shape of pears (crunchy on the outside and just-right-mushy on the inside); veggies (lots of asparagas), and cookies.  Oh, every conceiveable type of alcohol you could imagine.  I drank a few cosmos and that just about did me in for the night.  They were gooooood.

Everybody was laughing all the time. I can't remember hearing so many people collectively laughing in a long time.  They just don't do that in Kuwait, do they?  Unless, I guess a comedy tour is in town.  That's kinda sad.

I'm missing The Man.  I think he would really love all of this and get along great with my family - most especially Alex.  I know he would love the snow (and building SNOWmen, not DUSTmen).  The dogs might freak him out, but that wouldn't last long.  He has grown to love dogs and various creatures and I'm proud of that.

So anyhoo, off to Silver Diner with Alex and then off to my moms.  Peace out.

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silent-prince said...

haha :D i can imagine that scene since you described it perfectly ^_^
btw, why dont you let us see the pretties houses on your street under snow which have been dressed for the christmas :)
would love to see their pics :))