Sunday, December 05, 2010

Pandemonium all Over Kuwait After the Gulf Cup Win

Our lovely camel has returned.... (tee hee)

Congratulations, Kuwait, for winning the 20th Gulf Cup over Saudi Arabia!  This is the first time in 10 years and you know that the partying was going to be off-da-chain.

The din from the car horns can be heard all over Kuwait.  I'm in Rumaithiya off the Co-ops Road (which is an extension of the Gulf Road) and the noise is CRAZY.   People are lighting off fire works, spinning their tires, honking horns, and playing loud music while cheering.

ChillNite blog has a short video clip of what it sounds like in Salmiya (let me just say THANK GOD I moved out of there!).  Another clip on Buz Fairy blog shows the game win.

Mabrooooook ya Kuwait!


buzfairy said...

They made us super happy, bless their hearts :)

buzfairy said...

I just read my name in the last line of the post... Awesome :)

Desert Girl said...

:) That good? tee hee.

I commented on someone's video on YouTube about horns honking all over Kuwait. My comment, "It's a horny country." Someyoungguy responded, "Amerab how bout you shut the F up." I LOVE people like that. They make me giggle and want to mess with them.

My friends, go forth and mess at will!