Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Crate Dog House (AC living for your dogs)

Anonymous 1:14 sent me a message saying that these dog houses were being sold through Instagram.  Thanks dude/ette.

What a great idea!  For all those of you (and I know there are many) who are just returning from University overseas, who are used to having dogs and want them with you here in Kuwait, this would be an easy answer to where to keep them without pissing yo mama off.

All these pics are from Instagram.

Maybe this will help with all those STUPID notifications I receive that read "(AWESOME DOG/CAT/WHATEVER) needs home immediately!  Mother has decided she no longer wants pets in the house."  To wit I say:

1)   Re-home the mother (to a crate?)
2)   Let her try that with her kids or her husband
3)  (If  they have a home that can accommodate something this large) they can either put the mother in it (which would be my choice) OR, if she truly loves her kids, wants to teach them responsibility and that NOT all living things are dispensable (like their future spouses, for example), then she'll let them keep the pet and maybe move it to this lovely new shelter.

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