Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Hot or Not? The Kuwait Version (Re-post from 2:48am Blog)

This is hysterical and too good not to re-post from Mark's blog.  Most of the selfies are from guys.  I'm just waiting to see if belfies will be posted.  You know where this is leading, right?  To an x-rated "Hot or Not?"

Mark say...
There’s a new instagram account called @selfiekw with main purpose of posting selfies of people from Kuwait. Its become Kuwait’s version of the old hot or not website where you ranked people on looks and in this case, the hotter the person is the more likes they get. Lots of fun although there isn’t an option to view just the girls or just the guys. [Link]


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Chirp said...

Theres also "belfie" which is when u take a "selfie" with your behind showing, how like Kim Kardashian usually poses. I don't know why I know this, I read it on some entertainment site.

I never realized how old I am until I saw that most of these people are born in the 90's!!

What is up with the tattooed eyebrows and puffed lips! Did I miss the memo!?