Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Kuwaiti Bedoun Brothers Fail in Attempt to Seek Political Asylum in Ireland

Unfortunately, many Bedoun people resort to trying to gain political asylum illegally in other countries; only to be returned to Kuwait and sent to the deportation center (prison) for an indefinite period of time.  These guys below are in for a very difficult ride and I feel very sorry for their family (especially as they are brothers).

They’ll be included on a blacklist so they get even less rights than others.  Why?  As punishment for embarrassing the country, of course, in front of international media!  Shame on them! 

Their family may also face problems with any official tasks, or may even have their (temporary Bedoun) travel documents confiscated. 

I was asked recently (by 2 bedoun brothers, ironically) if this was the way out for them:   going anywhere and then ripping up their passports and claiming asylum.  No!  This is what happens! If you are even going to try something like this, contact an immigration lawyer in the country where you are headed; often there are offices which will help people "pro bono" (free).

Kuwait Times, 17 April 2013
Ireland deports bedoons who tore own passports

KUWAIT: Two bedoon brothers were taken to the Criminal Investigations Department after returning to Kuwait from Ireland where they reportedly headed to seek political asylum. The men tore their article 17 Kuwaiti passports and demanded asylum on the basis that they were subjected to persecution in Kuwait, according to the Irish authorities’ report. The two claimed they had lost their passports, but Irish police took reports of eyewitnesses who said that they saw them tearing their documents. The two were put back on a plane that had brought them from the United Arab Emirates where they had transited after a flight from Kuwait. They arrived at the Kuwait International Airport Tuesday and taken in police’s custody for questioning. A letter was sent to the General Department for Citizenship and Passports in the meantime containing a recommendation to include the two brothers on the blacklist of bedoons not allowed to obtain temporary passports for emergency travel.

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