Sunday, April 27, 2014

Warehouse Caught Changing Expiry Date of Items in Kuwait (Kuwaitiful Re-post)

Oooops.  Food warehouses.... Kuwait... hmmmmm.... who could THAT be? Did somebody forget to pay somebody off?  Oh, that’s just WRONG.  I bet that guy is shet out of a job...

This was posted by Kuwaitiful.  Thanks for the heads-up.  Good posting.

The Ministry of Commerce uncovered what is expected to be largest seize of rotten food in Kuwait’s history. Four warehouses owned by the same company were changing the expiry date of rotten (presumably to be resold again). I’m glad this is over with but shocked something in this scale was operating.


Kuwait’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry has uncovered several tonnes of expired and spoiled food in an operation considered the largest seize in the Gulf state’s food inspection history, it was reported.
Sources quoted by the Kuwait Times said the two-day operation carried out Sunday covered four warehouses owned by a single company, with items seized including meat products, fish, poultry and other ingredients.

They said while they indicated that the volume of the seized amount was yet to be fully determined, it was the largest that ministry inspectors had ever dealt with.

Monitoring prior to the raid revealed that workers inside the four warehouses were changing expiry date labels on food boxes.

It was reported that it was so large that the ministry called in help from the Kuwait Municipality to sort through the items and destroy the bad food products.

“The shipments were separated into parts, one sent to the MCI’s laboratories for testing and the other taken to Kuwait Municipality labs,” the Times reported.

Abdulmohsen Al Mudej, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce and Industry was reported to have assigned a ministry consultant to follow up on the inspection and take samples to the public prosecution.

The operation came as part of extensive campaigns on markets and suppliers to detect irregularities, including bad food and fake prices increases before the holy month of Ramadan, which starts late June.


Anonymous said...

I think you highlighting the rotten food in this country should alert everyone. Just think, this is the food that is actually stopped before it is released to customers how much is not stopped?. Kuwait has a huge problem with rotting food, donkey, zebra meat etc. even dead carcasses being brought in and used. We once asked about the donkey etc. meat we had heard about from an extremely reliable source, i mean this guy KNOWS. And he said if you want to avoid eating zebra, donkey, rotten food. Dont eat in ANY restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Don't you wish when they discover a company with a warehouse full of expired or rotting food that they would publish the name of the company? It drives me crazy to hear about restaurants that fail health inspections, foods that have expired, etc with NO ACCOUNTABILITY. If customers stop shopping with a place because they are known to have these illegal and unhealthy practices, it sends a strong message and disincentive to do it again.