Wednesday, April 02, 2014


I'm going to vent a little in this one.  Hang on or move on (while you still have the chance....)

BitchMoanComplain #1

About 2 months ago, our company was interviewing for a position.  I was a member of the interview team, as it is for a project I'm working on.  I met a lovely lady (with a terrible resume and a photo that looked like Elvira, Mistress of The Dark).  Anyways, long-story-short, she ended up taking another offer, but liked me and asked me if she could invite me for coffee sometime.  I thought it was a nice gesture, so I accepted.

It turned out that it was a dinner invitation at a rather expensive restaurant. I hadn't expected that.  I also hadn't expected her to invite anyone else, but she did; her "best friend".  BF turned out to be an over-bearing, dominant control-freak who from the first nanosecond I met him, took over the conversation and wouldn't allow her to get a word in.  He was rude, extremely arrogant, pushy and opinionated.  He also had the IQ of a gnat as he spoke to her about ME in Arabic throughout the evening; even though I told him I had been in Kuwait for almost 20 years.  Not-a-clue.  (Also said several times that he had traveled the world - including to Cuba where he referred to the people there as "Mexicans."  Yeah... okay....)

I'm guessing BF wasn't just a best friend, but a boyfriend, as he told her what to do, under his breath, most of the evening; including what to eat and how to eat it. Regardless of who he was, I would never let someone talk to me like that. I told the server to take away my sharp objects.  It was going to get uuuugly.

Why do some people feel the need to do this kind of stuff?   She has a nice personality.  She's a quality person.  She's guilty by association now and I will never see her the same way.  HE walked me out and told me about her personality "problem".  Whaaat?  He's her only personality problem!

Is there something in the stars right now?  Now, not only are my old/trusted friends acting strangely (like anxious farm animals before a storm or something) but I'm meeting weird-o's left and right.  WTF.

BitchMoanComplain #2

I have a very pretty co-worker (I'm gong to call her "Raven" because she loves birds and has amazingly shiny black hair!) who has become a good friend.  We hang together occassionally and I enjoy her company. We don't have a friendship where we're out trolling for men (sorry, but those days are gone!)   So I invited her to come along and see my friends during the past few weeks at the chalet to chill and enjoy a nice evening.  What I didn't expect was that my friends (and some of my female friends boyfriends) would have the audacity to hit on her.

If you mess with my friends, you mess with me.  In the case where my friend's boyfriend hit on Raven, I immediately told my friend's boyfriend.  I'm sorry, but it is a sistahhood and I'm not about disloyalty.  This has caused a rift between me and the guys (because they just consider me another one of the guys - only with breasts).  I'm not one of the guys and I don't believe it is "ok" to cheat if you're in a good relationship.  Anyways, now I'm on the outs with the gang and if that's the way they want to be - que cera.  They have probably branded me as a "trouble maker" but again - take it like  you want to.  I did what I believed was the right thing to do; and my friend, Zuz, has called me to thank me several times.  Maybe it will make her relationship stronger in the end - I can only hope.  (If my guy did the same thing, I would want to know. What about you, girls?)

Several of the guys from our group of friends have called me, oddly.  They never call me.  Not to see how I am or what I'm doing or anything.  So, I suspect they are trying to get me to gossip about that night.  Sigh.

Following this incident, one of the girls from the group called Raven to try to convince her to meet up with yet another guy in our group; someone who obviously doesn't have the testicleees to call me to ask me, so he asked someone else to do it.  "He's a nice guy.  He doesn't have anybody right now....Yada."  Raven could have been rude (I would have) but politely declined her offer of his phone number.

I'm embarrassed and disgusted.  I had no idea that people were so desperate.  I mean, if you want to hit on girls, there are a million ways to do it.  Don't disrespect your friends in the process.

This time of the year (Spring), I always go through major renewals (if I may use a positive term for transformations).  So once in a while, you just have to do it.  Change.  Move on.

BitchMoanComplain #3

Speaking of moving on, I am going to change maids.  I have been thinking about this for a while. I think I'm pretty patient, but so far, I have typed task lists, drawn pictures, spoken to my maid's husband to explain things (at her request), and taken time off work so that I could go home and explain things to her.  How frickin difficult can it be???

Last night was the last straw.  Priority #1 is the safety of my children (dogs).  I don't play.  Last night, I went home and Mike (who is now 25 kilos - around 60 pounds) was out of his room; free to tear up the house and everything in it.  Everything is a toy to him right now.  He has endless energy and exuberance - which I usually love but....

I never let the dogs stay alone without supervision.  Desert Dawg (Lilli) weighs maybe 4 kilos now and is about as fragile as a dove's feather.  She's almost 18. She doesn't move around so well anymore; she looks like she's in pain.  The vet said she is almost completely blind and she can't hear well.  So, big old Mike, who is still a puppy, obviously thought she was his toy yesterday and she was hurt when I got home.  She had bruises and scratches.  I felt terrible.  Then I called maid  lady to find out what happened and she wouldn't answer her phone.  I guess she knew.  That's it.  No more.  If you mess with my dogs, you mess with me.

So this has been my week.  I'm hopeful that things will get better soon.  I'm trying all the relaxing things I can, short of getting on yet another plane back to Virginia.  Maybe that's what it would take....


N. said...

I'm so sorry to hear about what happened to your dog. That is terrible. You are right to draw the line, some transgressions just cannot be overlooked.

Solar_alchemist said...

On #2
You were right, they're probably pissed cause you c@<k blocked them!

It's when I hear s$!t like this that I feel ashamed to call myself a Kuwaiti guy (well half anyway)!

Desert Girl said...

Thanks N. You're right. Read my latest post on the maid. OMFG!

Solar - You're right. I don't think anything pisses off men more than some woman blocking their action. Sigh - I'm no longer in the "guy's club"; one of the "cool" girls in the group who goes with the flow - you know, "boys will be boys" and all that BS.

Nobody called me this weekend. Nobody has asked about me. Oh well. Time to clean house.

And about being a Kuwaiti guy - This coulda happened anywhere with any nationality of dude. It's ok. There are so many decent Kuwaitis out there too. I think a lot of boys loose their freekin minds sometimes to the super powers of femininity... :)

Clinomaniac said...

#1 , Wow what a D-Bag , him telling you that she has personality problem shows apparently he has some major issues to talk about his friend that way to someone he barely knows .

One of my pet peeves are people that try too hard and people that show off (brag) if I meet someone and they tell me only about the glam of their life than I immediately know we ain't cool (don't list me all the places you have traveled , celebs you have met , or businesses you own in less than 30 minutes into our convo i don't care -_- ).

# 2

You did nothing wrong , don't let a few dudes with no game make you feel like you did wrong .
and yes as a female I would like to know if my man was hitting on another chick like you said sistahood .
They want to get butt-hurt over you being a decent person and doing the right thing than obviously those aren't the kind of people you want around . anytime you do what's "right" and it offends people or upsets them it shows you who they really are and how loyal they would be to you .

The bunny lover :)